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Watch the video in YouTube at 1080..the lens is priced at $18,200. The video below does not do the lens justice in my opinion.


I know only too well how much time is lost during a shoot changing prime lenses when one decent 4K zoom would cover a larger variety of shots. The only reason we are forced to use prime lenses on a drama shoot is quality. A zoom lens up till now usually does not hold the same quality throughout the range as does equivalent prime glass at certain focal lengths. T or f stops in primes are usually better like t1.3 rather than t3.5 as seen in the fujinon lens, but with todays fast sensors I could live with t3.5.

To back this up I had another look at News Shooters section about Primes v Zooms with interesting results… NS…”Originally the results were posted for members of the Cinematographers’ Mailing List blind – without any information about which lens was which, in an attempt to get viewers to think about their preferences without any preconceptions based on brands or price. “The biggest surprise,” Geoff says, “has been how well the zoom lenses have done … received wisdom is that primes will always be better than zooms. Well, in a blind test this has been proved to be totally wrong.” read the section in full plus video footage here


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

5 thoughts on “The Fujinon 20-120mm t3.5 $18,200

  1. You’ve got to be kidding me?
    That film was no more than a demonstration of camera work and lighting technique. It’s the kind of demo companies lay on gear heads, not creative film makers looking to spend that kind of dosh.
    That ‘look’ could have been created with any half decent pro lens. Technically it told us very little about the quality of the glass. I’d like to know what you guys think?

    HDW : 100% This demo video does not do the lens justice.

  2. I love that Fujinon ad. Not boring at all. It is a nice teaser for might be a good lens for $$$
    I L O V E IT

  3. It shows very well that there is almost no barrel distortion..(the cityscape shots)… it shows the even colour rendition (green grass shots and white studio shots)… it shows fine detail in the face close-ups while still retaining detail in the background… i don’t get what you’d expect to see? I don’t want to see charts…i want real-world shoots…. which is what this is. Admittedly, thee’s some great camera work and lighting here too… but you can’t show off a decent lens without it.


  4. The Ad is okay, and there’s some very beautiful images there, it’s just it doesn’t tell you anything directly about the lens itself – which I would expect at this price point. Maybe that will come – soon hopefully.
    Good camera work and lighting as well as post production processing can make beautiful images and still hold high production value.
    The benefits are obvious – Prime quality in a zoom package, but as we all know there’s more to an image working than its technical clarity.
    I want this glass to be super cool … just want to see some tech examples 🙂

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