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FS5 Upgrade

Sony FS5 4K/2K Raw Update:

CBKZ-FS5RIF RAW update for Sony FS5 will cost 500 Euro and is scheduled for release in May 2016.

New Features

  • 4K/60p RAW recording to external recorders
    • Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+ via 3G-SDI Single link or AXS-R5 + HXR-IFR5 Sony recorder/interface
  • 2K/HD Super Slow-Motion up to 240fps

Firmware 2.0 for Sony FS5 (Free):

  • Auto ND Function – allowing seamless adjustment of exposure via ND automatically without having to adjust ISO or iris and retain the same depth of field in changing exposure situations.
  • GPS function enabled
  • Expanded Zebra function 

Alister Chapman “Sony’s little PXW-FS5 is slowly maturing. The next firmware version  will add support for automatic operation of the cameras variable ND filter. The Auto ND function can be used in conjunction with Auto Iris to get an incredible automatic exposure compensation range. Great for day to night timelapse etc. The Auto ND function has to be assigned to one of the cameras assignable buttons before it can be used, but it’s a great feature to have.

In addition Zebras will go down all the way to zero. So you will be able to set zebras to 50-55% for log skin tones or 41% for S-log3 grey card exposure etc. GPS will work too!

All of the above will be free. For an extra $600 you will be able to get the raw output option. This will allow the camera to record to an external raw recorder in full DCI 4K (4096×2160) at up to 60fps. Yes, that’s right 60fps! In addition there will be a 4 second HFR burst capability that will allow you to record 4 seconds of 120fps 4K raw. If all that isn’t enough then in 2K you will have high speed recording at up to 240fps. However there won’t be any non high speed 2K modes, so no regular 30fps 2K raw.

Just like the FS700 and FS7 the raw is 12 bit linear, so not as good as an F5 or F55, but still a very nice option to have. All of this should be coming some time in June. Don’t forget for raw you will need an external raw recorder such as the Convergent Design Odyssey or the Atomos Shogun.”

The Sony FS5 and PXW-X70 will also have an optional MPEG-2 HD 4:2:2 at 50Mbps upgrade allowing both cameras to easily integrate into existing broadcast workflow and make the more streamlined for documentary and broadcast production.

The MPEG2 422 upgrade will cost around 500 Euros and will be available in June 2016.



Sony FS7 Firmware Version 4.0 details (Free):

  • Flexible AF Spot – adjustable to any part of the screen
  • True 24p in 4K XAVC – no conversion needed from 23.98 in European cinema productions

Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “Sony PXW-FS5 Paid/free FW update €500 to v.2 and FS7 Free upgrade

  1. The FS5 did NOT get a paid upgrade for MPEG-2 HD422, only the X70 did.
    I hope Sony will release such an upgrade for the FS5.

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