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Red Giant Announces Major Update to PluralEyes in Shooter Suite 13.0 Release

PluralEyes v4.0 audio/video syncing software for any Non-Linear Editor. Sync directly in Premiere Pro without leaving the host-app. More automation than ever before. Red Giant Offload integration with PluralEyes, and much more.

Red Giant has announced the release of Shooter Suite v13.0, which features the brand new PluralEyes v4.0, the fastest, most accurate audio/video sync tool available, compatible with any Non-Linear Editor. Topping the list of new features in PluralEyes 4.0 is the ability to sync with PluralEyes directly in Premiere Pro, without having to leave the host app, Smart Start capabilities, automatic drift correction, vertical track scaling, integration with Red Giant Offload, and more simplicity and automation than ever before.


Syncing audio and video clips in PluralEyes is now easier than ever, with flawlessly synced media just a click away thanks to under the hood enhancements that allow PluralEyes to analyze footage and automatically choose the the best possible options, so the user doesnt have to.


All the power and simplicity of syncing in PluralEyes without ever leaving Adobe Premiere Pro just hit the sync button in the Premiere Pro Panel and PluralEyes takes care of the rest. Giving users ease of mind, PluralEyes in Premiere Pro offers the same color coding capabilities as it does in the standalone version, so editors will know which clips, if any, require attention.

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9 thoughts on “Rick Young on Pluraleyes 4

  1. I bought it 2 years ago, don’t remember the version. Worked very well , but I had to install it again (new HD and the code was valid for 2 computers anyway) so I did try and I couldn’t find the way to get the download, spent hours, gave up. I understand the marketing side of everything, but when it goes too far to become extremely difficult then it goes right into the category of wasteoftime things. sorry red giant, but I can’t spend more than 7-10 hours trying to understand how to install it again. Unless I buy it again. And THAT me don’t like. Imagine if I apply that practice to my Clients.. imagine that.

  2. I had a similar problem, I lost the original instal of V3.0 when I had to replace my HD. I emailed Reg Giant and they helped and Rode sent me the S/N. I installed a fresh V3.0 and I’m up and running. I’ll not upgrade until PE has a plug in for FCPX.

  3. Mike : I am a simple person, now if you sell with a web site then don’t remove the products, simple like that. They can do it of course and I can tell of course

  4. All it takes is a little organisation. A lot of purchases for software nowadays are downloads. I’ve gotten into the habit from way back of creating a relevantly named folder with the downloaded install file(s) plus any serial numbers. My guess is that most people, even half organised ones already do this. Pluraleyes 4 is good value with the upgrade price and a lot simpler and more powerful to boot than version 3.

  5. I went through the same pain when I wiped my system hard drive and couldn’t restore it from the backup. I have a license of PluralEyes 3 that I got when I purchased a Rode Video Mic Pro. This was before Red Giant acquired the product from Singular Software. I went to the Red Giant site (you need to register and log-in) and downloaded version 3.3.7, which for some reason is hidden inside the Shooter Suite 12.4.3 installer. Thankfully I still had the email from Rode that contains the License Code. I have the software installed in 2 computer but several partitions. I use it as stand-alone seems I find the workflow simpler. Just sync your video and external audio before importing to your NLE. It is fast and accurate. My only complain is that it can’t import avchd (.mts) files. I read that version 4 support these files but with no video. I transcode everything to Pro Res first. The new version of Media Composer (8.5) includes this feature (Group clips by waveform) but I found Plural Eyes still works better. I see no reason to upgrade to version 4 since version 3.3.7 is so good and simple.

  6. John Norton : sure , blame the customer. The thing is that I still believe that if you sell with a website then you should keep the stuff that you sell, no? No problem if you don’t, but then expect people telling that you don’t. Fair enough?

  7. I used to use Plural Eyes some time ago. Now that we can sync these files in Premiere Pro, DaVinci 12, Final Cut X, what is the advantage? I’m not trying to be smug. I’m sure that there are some advantage to using Plural Eyes instead to sync of these other applications. Can anyone explain it to me? Gerry in Calgary.

  8. If your preferred NLE has this feature integrated and it works great then you don’t need Pluraleyes. As far as syncing video with external audio, it makes sense to do it early in the process, as soon as the files are ingested into the media drive. Then you can take those files with the new audio and import them into any NLE. I was disappointed that the new version of Pluraleyes is not compatible with Media Composer as the host application, but it should work great stand-alone. This being said, syncing a multi-camera shoot is better done in the NLE.

  9. The new Pluraleyes 4 can no longer import Media Composer project files. The stand-alone program only imports premiere project files. I use Edius 8 pro and I would export a AAF project file for Pluraleyes then sync and import sync project to Edius.

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