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Flex LED title

Got a phone call from Production Gear to see if I wanted to review the new Flexible LED from Fomex and here it is.

Television Lighting Consistency Index or TLCI is the most accurate of all the lighting consistency standards, this figure tells you how pure your LED light is, 100 being the best.

It came as no surprise that this Flexible LED light from Fomex has a fantastic score in both daylight and tungsten lighting with 98D and 97T…it does not get any better.

Light face

Quality is the first thing that strikes you when you unbox this light even down to the waterproof cable connectors. As with most Bi-colour lights you have a mixture of daylight and tungsten LEDs set into a waterproof rubber housing.

LED back


The Flexible LED light is not only very lightweight but is also flexible, you can bend the light even into a cylinder.


You can order a soft box that fits on with 4 magnets and you just velcro the white cloth onto the front. I decided to use an acrylic diffuser with velcro.


The dimmer/colour temperature unit sits on a lighting stand and has a “V” lock connection on the back of it. The only problem this is not explained in the company’s leaflet, how to achieve this.


You will receive this bracket and two screws.

Super clamp 2

You also need a Manfrotto 035 Super Clamp (£20) so make sure you order one with the light. You will see two holes on the Super Clamp as shown to attach the bracket to.

slide on

On the dimmer controller you will see two silver screws, slot them into the bracket as shown…job done.

I love the Flexible LED light so much so I bought one, the TLCI rating of 98D-97T is fantastic, LED lighting has come of age. The light and supplied accessories has the word…quality… written all over it and the purity of the daylight is gorgeous. You can even dim the light to 2% with no colour change or flicker.

I will be doing a mini video review to show you just how flexible this LED light is.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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