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23-25th February 2016 is this years date for BVE, ExCel, London so who’s going to be there ?

The list is getting bigger of the companies not attending BVE 2016 and is making me question the point of turning up. Two major players Sony and CVP won’t be there this year and speaking to another non attendee today it seems like BVE is becoming too dear to exhibit.


“We can get a bigger stand at IBC (Amsterdam) with far more traffic than we can at BVE, its just become too expensive, by the time you add the cost of staff staying in over priced London accommodation”

Some people have indicated the death nell for big production shows like BVE as an unnecessary cost due to the internet but I disagree, looking and feeling the product before you buy has a lot more benefits than browsing the internet.


I really enjoy my trip to BVE, the atmosphere and meeting many friends and followers of HD Warrior so not to be put off I will hopefully give it one more year and dip my toe in the water once again.


With no Sony you can’t learn from the guru of Sony’s editing platform…Mr Zulqar Cheema…the man who knows all about Sony Vegas.


A reply from BVE

“Hi Philip,

Thanks for the concern 😉 but no need to worry, the exhibitor list is growing daily, welcoming first time exhibitors such as Sky, HP, BBC, Pixit Media, Datavision and many more!
WTS will be presenting Sony this year amongst the huge range of products available from a highly diverse range of resellers, many of whom are returning to BVE yet again.

We have a new zone and theatre dedicated to the Pro AV & Live Entertainment Technology sectors for the first time.

Features include The Guardian hosting unique social media classes and a late night lock-in with comedians from TV and Radio.

Exclusive to this year is London Entertainment Week that even in its infancy has managed to partner NAB, Streaming Media and TPi.

Thanks for the preview Philip – get in-touch and we’ll happily shout you a coffee, even if it is all the way over in East London. Who knows, you could even write a review?”

HDW : Strange I thought I covered BVE for a few years on HD Warrior !


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

3 thoughts on “What’s happening to BVE 2016 ? (Updated with reply)

  1. this speaks plenty about the marketing of the show. See what happens when there is a real competition? The big corporations on the other hand know very well how to position themselves : how? they talk to the competition first. Take the pro-sumer segment of video cameras for example : they talk, decide the features and intentional limitations but BEFORE and ALL TOGHETER, Look at the prices: back to the good old absurd price-point. So they make tons of money and we pay (happily) ’cause we have no alternative (none). But the shows are “amateurs” in comparison.

  2. It’s not the same since they moved to the new venue. It’s quite a trek across London and you can’t take the car. I went regularly until a couple of years ago. On the way back to the station (last time) I decided to visit some of London’s more famous sights and managed to see some eastern european gang members stabbing each other in Trafalgar Square. Welcome to London!

  3. I agree with Graham, the move to Excel was a bit of a disaster (especially one year when I seem to remember that branch of the DLR wasn’t operating??)

    As regards the reply “WTS will be presenting Sony this year ….”, I’m not sure that makes up if Sony themselves won’t be there, does it? We’ll see, but I have a nasty feeling it means WTS may have a few Sony products – but it won’t be possible to get questions answered about the lesser known Sony products, as has been useful in the past.

    I’ll probably still go this year – it’s not so difficult living in London – but next year may be a different matter.

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