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A new firmware update for the DVX-200 has surfaced from Panasonic.


  1. Addition of the fast scan mode to minimize skew image.
    • New mode (Fast Scan) is added to 4K24p, UHD29.97p, UHD23.98p and UHD25p.
  2. Reduction of black dot noise in 4K/UHD modes.
  3. Improvement of playback image aspect ratio.
    • Recording method is improved so that playback image is correctly in 16:9 when a 480i/576i SQUEEZE video is played.
  4. Correction of ISO gain value display in High-sensitivity mode

Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

10 thoughts on “Panasonic DVX-200 new firmware v1.25

  1. Hi

    Look forward to some test footage after the update, to see if it makes any difference?

  2. oh my… they made the read-out faster with a firmware? RRReally? let’s say that the intentional slow-down was too much and they did an adjustment because it was (intentionally) too slow. In order to make a read-out faster you must replace the chips (low level programs on eproms, that can’t be changed via firmware) and re-design the whole low level processing / motherboard. A firmware (high-level programs) can only read the data and apply the intentional restrictions to the output(for example to make a read-out already set to (say) 100 to (say)40. A new firmware can maybe reduce the pre-set speed from 100 to 50 or 45 or whatever marketing restriction they apply..
    hmmmm. This is the internet and we are not stupid.

  3. Eproms aren’t used really anymore. They are now replaced with flashable chips that can be re-flashed in situ – ie, a firmware update. It’s perfectly possible to change the settings of a low level chip without replacing anything…. has been for some time.

  4. Mark they just cropped in to the the same as the UHD 50/60P So the field of view also reduced to the same as for 50/60P. No change in readout speed for that.

  5. Sean J Vincent : yeah, that’s where the firmware lives. If you put THAT on the line read out you’d get such a slow reading that 60 frames per second will take a minute each (frame)to come out.

    ron evans : yes, I see that. You are correct (as usual). still cropping more and more to make things decently fast (but not too much as the real cameras for a gazillion more) is not an elegant solution for a giant in electronics. not elegant, to say the least.

  6. My thoughts on needed Fireware
    1- Expand Focus in RECORD mode !!! Needed Please !!!!
    2- White Balance to be shown on screen all the time
    3- Clip and File Naming ( we have 2 cameras and is a pain tring to do multi shoots)
    4-in play back clip information about each thumbnail , edit options , delete this clip , delete multi able clips.
    6- Naming of Picture Profiles
    7- a better and more precise level meter
    8 – SD card swap button A slot to B slot or B slot to A slot

    Feel free to quote this Add to the list and repost it, it may be noticed by Panasonic !!
    Let’s get this Whish list out there

  7. I noted with interest:
    3. Reduction of black dot noise in 4K/UHD modes.

    I had this camera for a couple of hrs, and was very underwhelmed, I could not believe how unusable the 4k 50p was, shot late afternoon, flat light in shadow and I have never seen anything like the black dot noise. I remember how disappointed i was with the ag 102, smeary over done noise reduction, resold that very quickly i don’t think Panasonic have learnt much, will not be buying this camera.

  8. Hello, do anyone knows if there is a remote zoom/focus control for the DVX200? This camcorder has not Lanc connection. Thank you.

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