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BVE is almost upon us, this is the configuration I will be filming next week at BVE, the remote handle towards the back giving me full control of the lens, on/off and menu system.


Sony’s new hybrid digital radio mic has sadly taken a back seat, literally, as the Ledgo video light needs to sit on the front shoe. This configuration does not allow you to use the front hot shoe on the FS7 giving you control of the radio mics power and audio which is a shame.


I got two 128G “G” XQD cards on Friday, the lens being the last part of the jigsaw, Sony told me that the FS7 has been a fantastic success story which is why we are still getting dribs and drabs via Japan. The Sony 28-135 f4 lenses are like hens teeth but are hoping for the first delivery next week. I have the lens on order from H Preston Media so lets hope I will be fully kitted out before BVE next week.


The front mic is an older smaller Panasonic camera mic and the cut to size Rycote wind jammer is no longer made, sadly. I hope to meet some of you at BVE so look out for us buzzing around Excell a week on Tuesday.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

3 thoughts on “Getting ready for BVE 2015

  1. I thought I might share a better solution to the viewfinder rod. This solution will always have the viewfinder perpendicular to the camera and allow both same adjustment & fold away. See

    It includes:
    SMALLRIG DSLR SWAT Rail Clamp (15mm Parallel)
    SMALLRIG DSLR Camcorder Safety NATO Rail 6” Long
    SMALLRIG DSLR 15mm Cheese Rod – 1/2″ (197mm) 1466
    SMALLRIG DSLR Rig 90 degree Rod clamp

  2. Why not use a small chip camera in this run and gun situation where a cinematic image is not required?

    HDW : Owen I need to use the FS7 beyond testing it out. A real situation like BVE allows me to use the camera without compromising a paying client. Plus a lot of people want to see the FS7 for real, not stuck on a Sony stand.

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