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7 thoughts on “V4 Firmware Upgrade for PXW-Z100

  1. I have now installed the upgrade. It allows about 6 hours to be recorded to a 64GB SD card in AVCHD mode which is great for more mundane filming.
    But there is still another upgrade awaited so that the USB (Type A) slot becomes functional. Not sure when this will happen but it is promised by the end of June. I still don’t really understand why all of the functions of this camera could not have been available when it first went on sale in 2013 – this is a complete mystery as the delays will not have done Sony any favours with their customers.

  2. This was the upgrade to the FDR-AX1 in October. Why the time difference? Also as mentioned the USB and data code button still do not work on the FDR-AX1 either.

  3. I was waiting for v4 firmware and checking frequently on for new release. They were listing only v3.00. After reading here that there is a v4.00 release just clicked on v3.00 (on site) and surprise: firmware version v4.00 (Release Notes gives an v3.00 update manual).
    If they ask for SD card for AVCHD I will most likely not used it. Sony lost me as a client because of their long waiting updates.

  4. Hi Guys
    i bought the pxwz100 a few months ago, im relatively happy with it but waiting for V4 upgrade is getting tedious, now ive just read theres a V3 upgrade but i cant find it ??? i cant even login to my Sony account as my password didnt work and when in tried to renew the password theyre having technical issues so i wonder if i needed to change my password in the first place.
    ive been a Canon man all my life, i saw this Sony, liked it and bought it but i am beginning to regret it due to the incompetence im encountering on a lot of levels. my Questions are… is there really a V3 upgrade?, where is it? and is there a manual (PDF) to help install it ?

    HDW : It seems we are onto V.4 software and there is a PDF to walk you through the installation. You need to be registered with Sony to get it

    1.) AVCHD Recording Mode
    2.) Formating SDXC/SDHC/SD memory card Class 10 or faster, “Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo” media
    3.) Seamless Playback is added to give playback several recorded clips seamlessly from the camera. This is based on the clip format being the same or compatible to use this function. It will then playback clips without black between clips.

  5. Hey all… or at least the few PXW-Z100 users out there! Looks like there is a firmware 5.1 out there that allow the use of the new 64GB and 128GB G-type cards. I picked up a new card and couldn’t get it to format or restore, but a little searching later – I found that there was a new firmware update out there. Only on the UK site – couldn’t find it on Sony’s US site for the life of me! Going to be shooting with it this week for the first time in a while, looking forward to it!

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