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At the beginning of July I was filming my final links for my GH4 review with 2 GH4s and a GH3, the Panasonic GH4 with YAGH (XLR adapter) was to be a watershed in DSLR filming, finally we had a DSLR fit for purpose.


Sony introduced the PXW-X70 422 10bit camcorder that was to cause a stir with XAVC Full HD running into SDXC cards and upgradable in 2015 to 4K.


August brought further announcements from Sony with the PXW-X500 broadcast shoulder mount and the HXR-MC2500.


12th September brought a momentous announcement at IBC, Amsterdam, with Sony’s Show Stopper the PXW-FS7 422 10bit Super 35mm 4K camera with optional servo zoom lens.


Even as I type the FS7 is still on backorder with lens versions not due till January 2015. IBC had a few camera launches with the JVC LS-300 4K camcorder, Panasonic announced the HC-X1000 Semi Pro 4K camcorder and Ikegami announced the HC-HD300 shoulder mount camcorder.


October brought a re-engineered Canon C100Mk11 finally with Full HD 1080 50p but sadly sticking with AVCHD recording.


During 2014 I went from the Canon C300, JVC 650 and GH3 to mid season buying the Panasonic PX270 ending up with 2 GH4s, Sony PXW-X70 and selling a GH4 to buy a Sony A7s.

I soon discovered the low light shortcomings of the GH4 which is why I bought the A7s and have been waiting for over 6 weeks for the Sony XLR-K2M adapter kit to bring it up to spec with the GH4/YAGH.

I will go into detail in my next blog the in’s and out’s of my various kit I have owned this year.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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