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I was producing a two camera interview for the Discovery Channel yesterday with Danny Macaskill a professional street trails rider who decided to cycle up the “Ridge” in the Cuilins on the Isle of Skye.



Danny had a film crew from CUT MEDIA with him all eleven of them plus a German Shepherd, they used various cameras from a Canon C300, two Panasonic GH4’s, one mounted onto a  DJI S1000 Drone and one mounted onto a Movi 5 and a GoPro HERO 3+.



Here is one of the GH4 cameras being used on the Movi M5.



The  DJI S1000 Drone was kitted out with a GH4, Wi-Fi monitoring and a gimbal.


Danny is a great down to earth chap, Chelsea from the Discovery Channel interviewed Danny from Canada via my iPhone 5s on speaker phone and I got a great technical interview with Danny after the important work was finished. Once again the Sony PXW-X70 sat beautifully alongside the GH4 picture wise and I ran 2 64G SDXC cards simultaneously which worked a dream.



Here are some fans who were passing by on the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 dirt track at Cathkin Braes.

Here is my 5m interview about how the Ridge was filmed…

Watch Danny’s film produced by CUT MEDIA “The Ridge” on You Tube



Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

5 thoughts on “Exclusive interview with Danny Macaskill…How the Ridge was filmed

  1. You wrote “I ran 2 64G SDXC cards simultaneously which worked a dream.” Just bought a PXW X 70 myself and I am curious to know which SDXC cards you are using. Sandisk? Lexar? Transcend?

    All the more since I understood that the quality of the output (artefacts etc.) is partly determined by the quality of the recording medium being used.

    HDW : Transend

  2. Very cool! You should check out you might fin somethinf useful

  3. He’s an amazing guy, been following his films for a while.

    There was the making of documentary on BBC the other night, probably still on iPlayer. Was fascinating in its own right but it ends with the film so you get to see how all the shots and hard work fit in. Well worth a watch.

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