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Sony has today introduced the PXW-X500, a solid-state memory XDCAM camcorder that combines sensitivity of picture capture with a proven, comfortable ergonomic design and support for a wide variety of recording formats. The PXW-X500 delivers superior picture quality thanks to its unique three-chip 2/3-inch type new CCD image sensors, serving to remove issues associated with motion artifact and rolling shutters. The camcorder, which succeeds its well-received predecessor, the PMW-500, is ideally purposed as an outstanding acquisition tool on a 1080 progressive platform for a broad range of HD production applications, such as ENG, sports productions, live productions and documentaries.

Key features of the PXW-X500 XDCAM shoulder camcorder

  • High sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio with B4-mount HD lenses. Three newly-developed 2/3-inch-type Power HAD™ FX CCDs produce high-quality pictures with high signal-to-noise ratios (60dB), while maintaining the high sensitivity levels (F11 at 1080/59.94i and F12 at 1080/50i) that the XDCAM range is best known for.
  • Multi-format recording for versatility of workflow approaches. The PXW-X500 offers a wide array of traditional and new recording formats, including SD formats such as MPEG IMX and DVCAM, HD formats such as MPEG-4 SStP and MPEG HD422, plus XAVC Intra 4:2:2 1080 59.94/50i and XAVC Long 4:2:2 1080 59.94/50p. In early 2015, the PXW-X500 will also support Apple ProRes[i] and Avid® DNxHD®[ii] as further options.
  • Powerful Slow & Quick motion up to 120p frame rate. The PXW-X500 offers a powerful ‘Slow & Quick Motion’ function. By utilising the XAVC codec, the X500 can record at a maximum frame rate of 1080/120p, which is a slow motion effect five times higher than the industry standard frame rate of 23.98p[iii]. The newly developed CCD image sensors and the camcorder’s outstanding image processing abilities enable this spectacular performance.


  • Unique built-in wireless module supports seamless file transfer and remote operation, helping broadcasters be ‘first to air’. The PXW-X500 can be operated remotely from compatible Wi-Fi devices such as tablets and smartphones, via a supplied IFU-WLM3 USB wireless LAN module. Proxy video files can be created onto SD cards in four different proxy XAVC settings to help users adapt to field constraints, while proxy file transfer and hi-res file transfer are also possible across Wi-Fi or Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks.
  • Future upgrade to enable remote live streaming functionality. By upcoming upgrade in early 2015, the X500 will also offer live streaming of proxy content over Wi-Fi or LTE[iv]. The streaming function will also become available for Sony’s PXW-X180 XDCAM handheld solid-state memory camcorder that was launched to the market in August 2014[v], and will be compatible with the CBK-WA100 and CBK-WA101 adapters, which allow XAVC proxy files to be created and saved on an SD card housed within the adapter.
  • Other key features of the PXW-X500:

o   Compatible with a direct two channel slot-in portable digital wireless receiver, available as part of the Sony DWX Series, providing superb digital audio quality and full digital workflow with the XDCAM range

o   Pool-feed input with 3G/HD/SD-SDI

o   Simultaneous recording onto two SxS cards

o   Flexible camera system operation with CA-FB70 or CA-TX70 camera adapters

o   GPS functionality records GPS data in an MXF file and a log file automatically, when activated


Sony today announced the HXR-MC2500E, a new addition to its High Definition (HD) range of memory camcorders. The HXR-MC2500E offers an ideal balance of performance and functionality in the digital era with a wide variety of features necessary for serious videographers, all well within their reach at an affordable price point. Sony has designed the HXR-MC2500E with several enhancements over its existing HXR-MC2000E camera model, including an improved Exmor™ R CMOS sensor and new features such as a built-in LED light, OLED viewfinder, Wi-Fi functionality, DV memory recording and a Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe. With these enhancements over previous models, the HXR-MC2500E is an ideal cost-effective solution for event videographers, who desire strong low-light performance, high picture quality, operational flexibility and reliability.

“The HXR-MC2500E is a prime example of how we’ve combined advanced imaging technologies with a host of operational features that the market today needs,” said Robbie Fleming, Product Marketing Manager, at Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “Our customers now enjoy a more comprehensive product offering from Sony, with this model providing practical functions that professionals need, such as wireless connectivity and longer recording time.”

Key Features of the HXR-MC2500E

 Highly-sensitive Exmor™ R CMOS sensor and built-in LED light

The HXR-MC2500E is capable of shooting clearly even in low-light or indoor environments. Its highly-sensitive Exmor™ R CMOS sensor adopts a back-illuminated technology that enables the image sensor to utilize incidental light more efficiently, helping to achieve rich image quality even during low-light shooting situations. The HXR-MC2500E is also fitted with a convenient built-in LED light for extra illumination when needed.

Wide angle view, high contrast 1.44 million dots OLED viewfinder and 0.92 million dots 3-inch wide LCD panel for easy framing of shooting objects

The new camera is equipped with an OLED Tru-Finder™ electronic viewfinder, offering a high resolution of approximately 1.44 million dots with high contrast levels. Sony’s proprietary viewfinder technologies allow for better tonal reproduction and more detailed picture information when shooting. In addition, there is also the built-in 3-inch wide high resolution LCD panel (approximately 0.92 million dots) for crisp and bright images.

Wi-Fi/NFC functions for seamless connection to smartphones

The HXR-MC2500E can connect to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets via a Wi-Fi connection, enabling monitoring and remote control functions such as start/stop recording, zoom control, iris control and touch auto focus. Furthermore, it is also NFC-capable (Near Field Communications) to allow easy, one-touch wireless connections to compatible mobile devices.

Ideal for long event shooting thanks to embedded 32GB internal flash memory and low power consumption

A 32GB internal flash memory storage system on board of the HXR-MC2500E enables longer duration recording of more than 150 minutes. In addition, by using a combination of the internal flash memory and the MS/SD memory card slot, recording functions such as “Relay” and “Simultaneous” for backup can be available. When Sony’s L-Series InfoLithium battery NP-F970 (optional) is used, the HXR-MC2500E is capable of continuous recording of up to 14 hours. This is a critical feature for important occasions where operators may not have the luxury to stop the camera, such as during the filming of wedding ceremonies or other live events.

More Professional Features for Event Shooting

  • 26.8mm Wide-Angle Lens – one of the lenses with the widest angles in this class of camera, which enables wide-angle shooting even in small places
  • DV Memory – in addition to AVCHD Full HD format support, SD format support includes DV memory
  • Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe – expands options to use accessories without cables, such as the UWP-D11 wireless microphone receiver and XLR audio input by XLR adapter
  • BNC Composite Terminal – enables the use of BNC cables which prevents cable disconnect during critical shooting occasions such as live recording
  • TC/UB Implementation – Time Code and User Bit are included for situations like multi-camera shoots


The HXR-MC2500E will be available from November 2014.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “NEW Camcorders from SONY

  1. Well nice camera at last Sony 500 but why would anybody spend $25,000 on non 4K camera beats me.
    As a Freelance cameraman 4k is essential when forking out that sort of money….and then one fix up Sony Matrix. Can not they have pretty colours like Ikegami, Pana, Thomson ?.
    F5 hack is interesting 😉

  2. The Sony MC2500E looks interesting, although it’s a pity with it’s extra bulk they haven’t made use of the ‘clear vision’ electronic lens doubler found on the NX-3. It also seems to share a composite only BNC with the NX-3 which is utterly pointless in this day and age. And ahem… Does it really look like a 1980’s VHS camcorder or is that just me ?

    HDW : Hi Allen the Sony MC2500 is strangely enough welcomed by event and education producers for its shoulder mount “professional” looks, I agree its a very dated design and Sony could do better than to revamp this particular model.

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