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One thought on “CAMBO eyecup proves popular “sold out”

  1. GH4 Eye Cup….This item is not designed for the GH4. In fact I think it contravenes the trade descriptions act ! The price is robbery! I think you should not be promoting it as it will harm your reputation.

    HDW : Andy I have taken your comments on board, the info now clearly states…NOTE : As you can see the CAMBO eyecup fits round the GH4′s eyecup allowing a better light free experience during sunlight conditions…Please note : As with most external eyecups you will find the LCD screen is restricted using this eyecup my advice is to open the LCD before applying the CAMBO eyecup. The retractable on-board flash is also restricted while the eyecup is in use.

    It has also been changed to now say “An eyecup that fits the GH4″…Sony will sell you a similar eyecup for £60 !

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