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The opening sequence was filmed with a 7-14mm f4 Lumix lens at the 14mm end making sure all the action is in silhouette. This “User Review” has taken an age to film and edit and I only concentrate on the video capabilities of the camera.

98% of all footage was shot with 1-2 GH4′s and the odd cutaway shot with the GH3. Although the camera is more than capable viewfinder wise, sunny daylight shots are certainly improved with the use of a loupe, something I was not in favour of before I saw the “light”.

On the whole we used a Cambo loupe which was a pre production model that needs some tweaking to fit the LCD screen.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

3 thoughts on “The Panasonic GH4 User Review (RT 18m)

  1. Ta for the review.

    The 4k to 1080p slider shot doesn’t work though. The real slider shot has foreground and background moving independently of each other (parallax – whole point of a dolly shot) but the push into the 4k shot and then faking it in post doesn’t. Nowhere near the same impact. You can easily tell it’s been done in post.

    Useful for some things, but not a replacement for a slider.

    If you only need XLR phantom powered mic inputs, a beachtech convertor is a much better solution than the over-priced YAGH with better spec’d pre-amps. You can even get one that attaches to the camera, much like the YAGH..

    Very nice camera though in general.

    Have you tried any LOG type picture profiles?

  2. Agree with Jonathon W. The 4K slider alternative is more like a pan.
    I also agree about the Beachtek audio option -even though it relies on a 3.5mm jack.
    My GH4 arrives soon. I’m a bit disappointed in the fact that Panasonic still have not solved the noise problem in the mid tones when exposing for the highlights even at low ISO. Philip hasn’t commented on this but I found an example of this here which is a shame-


    The comments mention how well the GH4 and C100/300 cut together except for noise in mid tones when exposing for highlights even at low ISO.
    Still keen to know if you have discovered any audio buzz/hum problems that Panasonic have admitted to and therefore offer a fix.

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