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I got a phone call on Thursday afternoon asking me if I could step in and film highlights of Talent Fest UK 2014 in Glasgow city centre.


It was a no brainor as I needed such an event to cut my teeth with the GH4, this is the GH4 with YAGH and a Ledgo ring light set up in the one area to film interviews.


Scott was in the main hall filming the show with the Panasonic PX270 on my trusty Millar carbon fibre legs and Compas 25 head. This gives you a very smooth pan just the job for a fast moving talent show.


Shiver were also filming on Sunday, Shiver is the MediaCityUK, London and Leeds-based, factual arm of ITV Studios. They are one of the largest providers of factual and factual entertainment in the independent television sector in the whole of the UK.


Shiver had 6 Sony cameras at this event, two PMW-500s one seen hear with a Jib hired from Pro-Cam.


They were using a range of Sony PMW-200’s and PMW-300’s.


Nothing was missed, this young camerawoman was dedicated to film the judges.


This Jib was a serious monster though personally I would have chosen a Libec Jib as there were a lot of kids and this two ton tessie would not have taken any prisoners if it had hit someone. The young chap with the folded arms was on hand to make sure the Jib was clear of any straying children.


So how did the GH4 perform, as an interview tool fantastic, the YAGH is a great addition for sound work like this and the pictures once again…stunning. I love the fact that with 2 GH4’s I had the flexibility to work fast, doing interviews in one quiet corner and catching lovely cutaways with a full range of lenses from 7mm to 200mm.


Here is two frames from my day 2 interviews, double click to see the full 1920 x 1080 picture…fantastic

1080 v2



Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “Talent Fest UK 2014

  1. I really appreciated this post as I record these types of events all the time. It was interesting to see what other people use for gear. Gerry in Calgary.

  2. Philip, Great setup. Was wondering if you could show us a what your lighting looked like by posting a still frame from one of your interviews.
    Many thanks.

    HDW : Just added a frame which you can see full frame by double clicking on it.

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