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Firmware update for the GY-HM650 launched at NAB

JVC have announced a firmware upgrade that adds Zixi advanced streaming capabilities to its GY-HM650 mobile news camera. The 3.0 upgrade also adds the Extreme High Quality (XHQ) mode, which offers virtually lossless 50 Mbps H.264 recording to the GY-HM650 and GY-HM600.

Equipped with JVC’s exclusive dual codec design, the GY-HM650 allows live transmission or secure FTP file transfers when equipped with a 3G/4G modem (or hotspot) or Wi-Fi adapter. It supports live HD video streaming at web-friendly resolutions at various bit rates while simultaneously recording a full HD file to an SDHC or SDXC media card.

Using Zixi’s new Advanced Streaming Technology (AST), the GY-HM650 3.0 provides content-aware error correction and bandwidth shaping. It features JVC’s ‘Streamconfidence’ feature, providing real-time feedback of signal and streaming status. With bit-rates as low as 256 kbps and up to 3 Mbps, Zixi proprietary algorithms maximize bandwidth to ensure reliable transmission even under difficult conditions, while advanced content aware error correction compensates for up to 30 percent packet loss.

With the upgrade, the camera is also compatible with JVC’s Professional Streaming Services, including the new ProHD Broadcaster server powered by Zixi that provides reliable live content delivery to a variety of hardware decoders, CDNs, and the web. Other upgrades include large file size support with SDXC media cards and .MOV clip import capability for Mac OSX. Improved file transfers use RTSP/RTP protocol and can be controlled through a standard web browser.

“The virtually lossless 50Mbps XHQ 60p recording mode is commonly found in DSLRs, and we’re pleased to add it to our 600 Series cameras,” said Gustav Emrich, European product manager. “The Advanced Streaming Technology upgrade to the GY-HM650 is very valuable because it makes the camera compatible with our new ProHD Broadcaster server powered by Zixi, which will help news organisations manage and distribute live signals from their JVC cameras in the field.”

Designed for ENG, the compact GY-HM600 and GY-HM650 feature a built-in Fujinon wide angle 23x zoom lens with manual focus, servo zoom, iris rings, three ND filters and a removable hood. The cameras record HD or SD footage in multiple file formats and can produce full HD files on one memory card while simultaneously creating smaller, web-friendly files (1/4 HD) on a second card. Audio features include a built-in stereo microphone, two XLR inputs with phantom power, shotgun mic holder, headphone jack and separate input for a wireless mic receiver.

Version 3.0 upgrades are free to all current GY-HM600 and GY-HM650 owners, and will be available in May via a firmware update available through the JVC web site.



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9 thoughts on “Great news for JVC GY-HM600/650 owners…”FW v3 50Mbps”

  1. Yes! Thats called customer care. GY -HM is on my list and this makes it even more attractive.I also like the Panny GH4 ( its 4K) but this one is a proper camera for run and gun,and the price is moderate.
    Go JVC!

  2. How is it going mate? Now that JVC is making this importan upgrade via firmware, do you recomend de JVC GY-HM 650 or the PANASONIC AJ-PX270? And why? Thanks!

  3. Last year they told us that is not possible to get 50p due to the sensor technical limitations. Now it is perfectly possible with a bald firmware. Can anyone explain that?

    HDW : Gabriel you miss understand, this is not giving you 1080 50p its upgrading the cameras ability to record at 50Mbps.

  4. Just saw this on yor post “The virtually lossless 50Mbps XHQ 60p recording mode is commonly found in DSLRs, and we’re pleased to add it to our 600 Series cameras”
    so what about that 60p?

  5. Just read in your post. There is no logic 50 mbps without 50/60p.
    “The virtually lossless 50Mbps XHQ 60p recording mode is commonly found in DSLRs, and we’re pleased to add it to our 600 Series cameras,” said Gustav Emrich, European product manager.

    HDW : I would find it very strange if JVC brought out 50/60p FW update to the 600/650 on the back of the 850…whats the incentive to now buy an 850 ? 50Mbps I can see the sense but I was told that 50/60p was impossible on the 600/650 due to heat problems ???

  6. I downloaded this upgrade today and it is everything is pertains to be and I have to commend JVC on continuing to support this camera with free upgrades. There’s other companies out there that would charge for this sort of thing and it basically gives me a new camera.
    Outstanding and please with my choices and Phillip’s original review influenced by initial decision.
    Now do I need that c100 ? I am tempted

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