Sony HXR-NX3 User Review with Allen McLaughlin

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Filming the interview with broadcast cameraman Allen McLaughlin for the Sony HXR-NX3 User Review. This is the first camcorder to date that Sony have not provided a battery or charger keeping costs down to a minimum. The NX3 takes Sony’s “L” type InfoLithium batteries (NP-F979) £114 incl vat and you will also need to order the AC adapter/charger kit (ACC-L1BP) £252 incl vat if you don’t already have these items.

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  1. Gerald Prost says:

    I guess the question that wasn’t answered is how does this compare to the other 1/3″ chip Sony cameras (image wise) and 1/3″ chip cameras by other manufacturers. Gerry

    HDW : Hi Gerry, Allen did refer to updating his Sony Z5 and he tells us that comparing noise from previous Sony cameras (eg.NX5) you will be pleasantly surprised.

  2. Mase says:

    Couldn’t we had got a comparison of the NX3 vs your JVC HM650 video performance?

  3. tom sayer says:

    HDKarte You still have the feeling when watching SD normal PAL TV that it is sent from a distance images, they provide a larger authentic performance with HD TV.

  4. Gérard says:

    Clean HDMI out?
    I am curious if the camera supports the uncompressed HDMI-out for external recording. This really would add to the possible different videoqualities one is able to choose from.

    HDW : Having 8 bit 420 would make no difference to a clean HDMI out, the camera as a recording tool is a good as it gets why on earth would you want to lumber it with an external recorder.

  5. Rob says:

    I use this camera for weddings and corporate work. This camera has made my work look so much better.If you are looking for a simple way to shoot with a great picture, you should look at this camera. Here is some footage I took.

  6. Allen Major says:

    Sony have quietly released a firmware upgrade for this camera which enables XAVC recording, 24fps, 30fps and 60fps(USA) Just FYI.

    From Sony:
    Functions added with the firmware version 2.00 upgrade:

    – Recording/playback/output in XAVC S HD format
    – Operation stability improvement

  7. Bobby Charles McMullan says:

    I am offered a used one for 650 should I purchase?

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