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I like the idea of having my main card readers on in the one place, especially USB 3 as the latest iMac’s utilise USB 3. Nothing worse than waiting any more time than necessary when your ingesting footage.

The Lexar 4 slot in drive hub seem’s to me to be a good way of future proofing your card reader, the addition of CFast will make life a lot easier and Lexar already have plans to have a CFast slot in drive.


Having bought this unit last week at Calumet I was a tad disappointed to find the drives don’t actually come identified with the name of the media the drive takes which will make CFast a tad difficult to identify as CF and CFast are almost the same size.

After hooking the drives up in their slots I switched on my iMac to discover it was now taking 2-3 minutes to start up and as usual the culprit had to be the last new item I had installed…the Lexar hub.

One thing that puzzled me was that the XQD drive lit up without any media in it but it was also double the price of the CF and SD card readers so something must be added to the XQD thats not on the other drives.

On further investigation I re-started the iMac with the Lexar unit unplugged and back to the 7s start-up so the Lexar was the culprit…or was it. I decided to try the hub with the XQD removed and this time, success, the iMac was fine as long as the XQD card reader was out of the chain.

Obviously I am not happy with this so decided to email Lexar and await their reply.



Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

3 thoughts on “Lexar XQD reader causing start up problems with my USB 3 iMac

  1. iMacs plural or just yours?

    HDW : Good question, I don’t have any other USB 3 macs to test it on but I did try it on an older USB 2 mac and it went from 5 sec start up to 30s which is not so significant…It may well be my iMac but I think its also a USB 3 issue.

  2. If QXD is PCIexpress based (like SXS kit) then there are issues with Mavericks across various devices/manufacturers.

    Awaiting a fix from Apple.

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