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Steve-DP Just watched the “Sign of Three” (Sherlock) and noticed Steve Lawes was the DP, if my memory serves me right I first saw Steve in a Sony promo in London talking about the PMW-F3.


Den Lennie and James Tonkin interview two DPs, Steve Lawes and Nic Morris BSC in this very informative studio setup filmed with three PMW-F3s.

Behind The Lens – Part 2 from Dan Robb on Vimeo.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “Steve Lawes DP on “Sherlock” interviewed by Den Lennie and James Tonkin with Nic Morris BSC, DP behind “Being Human”

  1. Anyone else seeing an annoying flicker every few seconds?

    HDW : Steady as a rock here Les.

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