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7 thoughts on “My deepest appology…4K footage of media will not be used in review.

  1. What’s the name of light on sony cam? Looking forward to see the demo video of sony 4k cam!

    HDW : Its a LEDGO B160 Bi colour camera light, works off Sony “L” batteries and is very “light” on the camera.

  2. I was kind of shocked to see this article, especially as you were theoretically out testing the capabilities of the Sony 4K, unless this went straight to news,
    I don’t think it’s appropriate, as bodies were still being removed from the building, but that’s only my opinion, other wise I enjoy reading your articles.

    HDW : Hi point taken John, this “story” will not be used in the review

  3. That Panasonic looks like it’s straight from the 1980’s! How could you be taken seriously pointing that at someone? It’s grotesque!

    HDW : A bit OTT but its the pictures out of the camera that counts not its looks !

  4. Hi!
    Last week I was testing the Sony 4k Z100 and saw on my Seiki 4K Monitor a lot of Sensor Noise (only in 4k !!!)
    I captured it and zoomed in on PremiereCC and Avid 7 and could really see the Sensor Noise.
    Did you experience the same ??
    Thanx for any input, because I am serious in buying the Z100. But now I am on hold.
    Greetings from Austria.
    I am a longtime follower even that I am on Avid 😉

    HDW : Hi Sly, I watched the footage back on a 55″ 4K Sony this morning and was not aware of any sensor noise.

  5. Which review will come first? Sony 4k or Panny AC8? Thanks and speedy recovery for your dad.

    HDW : Panasonic AC8 will be first, finishing filming this week, editing this weekend.

  6. I have had my FDR-AX1 for 2 weeks. Comparing to my NX5U it is about 1 to 2 stops slower but is content dependent. Cant’ figure out why but it seems to be !!! Shooting in the theatre for a test with a CX700 it was about the same relationship. However like the small Sony’s the grain noise although there is more usable than that from the NX5U. In good light I do not see any grain. Up to about 9db is clean enough for me anyway. Not a camera for real low light shooting though. With good light and NX5U at -3db the FDR-AX1 was at 3 db for instance at the same iris, F2.2.

    Ron Evans

    HDW : Hi Ron, it’s not a lo-light camera by any stretch of the imagination but give it decent light and the pictures are stunning, no one should be buying any more 8 bit camcorders after seeing the footage this 10 bit camera produces.

  7. The FDR-AX1 is 8 bit XAVCS the PXW-Z100 uses the XAVC 10bit codec. They have the same sensor though so I am sure the core is 10 bit and it is just the record codec that is different. Makes me wonder if the HDMI out from the FDR-AX1 is in fact 10bit like the PXW-Z100. You may wish to ask some questions about this from the reps. Yes I agree that in good light the pictures are lovely.
    If the PXW-Z100 had come out with the full set of record options promised at the next firmware update I would definitely have bought it but I need the long record times of 8 bit XAVCS.


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