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Canon like Panasonic are rapidly loosing their position when it comes to large sensor cameras, Canon need to pull a 4K/2K recordable Super 35mm camera out of the bag ASAP.

Sony are leaving everyone standing with the F5/55 cameras and the new V2 firmware implementing 240fps slow motion feature in 2K is an even bigger incentive to buy into the Sony F5.

Slow-mo may be a bit of a gimmick but if you have the choice of having it or not having it comparing two similar spec cameras you would choose the camera that had it.

Sonys F55 has internal 4K recording as does the Canon EOS 1Dc , why on earth the C500 never had the facility to capture 4K internally is a mystery to all of us, hence the poor uptake on the C500.

1080 50p is a must for any new line of Canon Cinema cameras as once again Sony have pipped them at the post with most of their Pro line up having 1080 50p, even the NX-30.

XLRs on board the camera is another essential for a new C700s camera as the C300/500 is a mess, as is an adjustable Hi-Res viewfinder like the Alphatron, DPs are getting fed up with cameras that compromise the shoot and there is nothing worse than a crap viewfinder as seen on the C100.

Lastly if Sony can produce a 4:2:2 16bit RAW camera then Canon need to match it !

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Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

7 thoughts on “Canon 4K C700s “Concept” A NOTE TO CANON DESIGNERS

  1. If a C700s is coming out Canon will find a stupid way to cripple it again. They sure will implement 8 Bit AVCHD or H264.

  2. Theu must redesign body for c300/500.
    Modular is the way to go now.
    1dc is dead,this so called Cine Camera does not even have peaking..c300/500 was nuked by F5/55.
    They only have 50i c100 which is under pressure from fs700. 5d is great performer for $$$ with ML.
    Panasonic is nowhere last 2 years….
    The only great camera to beat Sony F5/55 is Arri Amira and perhaps new Blackmagic 4K with Global Shutter for $4000.

  3. Yes please,

    240 fps at 720p. Cant wait for it. As it looks now the future gopro might offer this, including 120 fps at 1080p (Ambarella A9).
    But I prefer the same specs from a decent brand instead of a fisheyed camera with bad near lens focus.

  4. Well said.
    Sadly I can not see anyone ever producing a sub $10K large sensor video camera with a usable viewfinder.

  5. so … you just need a Red Epic. Ok, it doesn’t have XLR’s on the camera body and 1080p 16bit, useful for broadcast, unnecessary for digital cinema and ADV… (but you can always buy a Pro I/O and a Proxy Modules) 😉

    Cost of a Red Epic + Pro I/O and Proxy Modules – approximately 30.000 USD

    Cost of a C500 + Ki Pro Quad 4K – approximately 26.000 USD

    I’m not a Red fanboy, but this thing makes you think…

  6. Im ready to buy a new camera. As a professional Id like to see a short depth of field camera with 4k internally, global shutter, 12-16 bit? slo-mo and low light capable and at a reasonable price. With years of design research can someone make a shoulder version possible. Having to strap a ton of garbage to a camera in modern days after all the design research done is that really necessary? Modular design could easily been done by most any decent Industrial Design firm. Sony and Canon please listen to this.

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