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IBC 2013 is just around the corner, it will be interesting to see what new camcorders and specialist equipment is on offer this year.

I took a break last year and was so glad as there was next to nothing announced camera wise. I do hope Sony will have the new 4K prosummer camcorder on show, then I can quiz them about the sensor size.

I have been asked to produce a documentary at IBC so my time seeing various stands will be curtailed, I need to keep the details of the doc. under my hat but you will see my efforts in due course.


Last week was a busy week, filming press conferances like this one for Scottish curling and women in sport, the curling girls are a joy to interview and I was testing out a Datavision reporters kit.


You get three LG-B150 portable LED lights, stands, filters and battery adapters all in an ABS case with wheels. For £350 plus vat this portable setup is a steal, distributed by one of our site advertisers, Holdan.


Next port of call the same day was Celtic Park in Glasgow, this was a job for Euronews in France who wanted before and after vox pops of Celtic v Kazakhstan. This also involved editing 3 minutes and uploading the SD edit to their server in France.

This was a long night as the match did not finnish till 9.30pm, we were half an hour in traffic and by the time I got back to base it was 10.30pm, then start editing 3 minutes from HD to SD via my JVC GY-HM650 camcorder.

Around 12am I was sending the .mov file which would take a further 3 hours, fortunately my edit suite is in my house so I went to bed and left it uploading, the chap at Euronews was delighted with my efforts.


The following day we were off to Motherwell to film the Scottish woman’s football team as usual we were the only film crew with a monitor, no surprise there then. Although the JVC 650 has a great viewfinder I like to have my trusty Sony 740 OLED monitor for comfort, it also saves me having to crane into the eyepiece all the time.




Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

4 thoughts on “IBC 2013 and a busy week

  1. Hi Phil,
    Are you going to do a full review of the Datavision Reporters Kit? I’m really intrigued to know if the kit is powerful and versatile enough to make it a worthwhile purchase.
    Steve Morris

  2. Hi Phil,
    Likewise re the Datavision lights – I’ve got an interview to shoot this week and am thinking of a set of these, but have they really got enough throw to light an interview on location?

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