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Up until I finally (in despair I may add) re-read the Digital Rebellion claims about fixing FCPX timeline problems , especially ones that prevent you opening the timeline. Pro Maintenance Tools a $139 application allows you to do many things, one of these being to analyse crashes.


Armed with this information and the ability to disable “UNVEIL” from FCPX via the Plugin Manager, another cracking application thats part of the Pro Maintenance Tools suite I re-started FCPX and amazingly my 53m timeline opened with no spinning beach-balls…the disabling of this one plugin has been a saviour to my project and the ability to now make my final changes needed for the client.

What seems to be happening with Unveil is that I have overused it cleaning up audio not realising that it takes a great amount of processing power to make Unveil happen, pushing the iMac processing to it’s limits, so by disabling it you get your timeline back.

The best solution from here in will be to edit in segments or ten minute timelines then render your edits to quick times and but them together.

Zynaptiq GmbH”There is one known issue on Apple’s side that may cause crashes with our (as well as a whole bunch of other) audio plug-ins – this relates to how FCP X handles rendering audio previews. Apple is aware of this issue and state they’re making good progress with it”.

Unveil works a treat and till I finnish my 53m project I will miss using Unveil, but at the expense of a non opening timeline I will opt for disablement mean time.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

6 thoughts on “Major FCPX Timeline Problem Solved with Digital Rebellion’s “Pro Maintenance Tools”

  1. Philip – I know you like a nice headline, but wouldn’t ¨Major FCPX Plugin Problem Solved ¨be more accurate?

    (A of a bit tongue in cheek remark!)

  2. Sounds to me like Apple should seriously look at licensing the tool by default – if they can stomach admitting FCPX is not faultless.

  3. Thanks for this. I use Unveil with FCP X as well and thought i was the only one.

  4. The very idea of ‘de-reverbing’ is pretty scary…it must be hugely heavy on the cpu. Always use a dedicated audio app like Logic or Pro Tools for this kind of thing and always bounce to disk rather than run live…Just some friendly advice from a veteran pro sound engineer. NLE’s don’t handle this kind of audio work very well.

  5. Serious audio manipulation work ( which unveil supports in an excellent way) is better supported in Logic anyway. Is a change of the workflow an option for you?

  6. I opted out of using FCP X for my audio work. I’m using Audition instead. For the most part, UnVeil works fine with it.

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