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Andrew Gibney “Myself and four friends are going to walk from Sheffield to Lille. The aim of the walk is to try and raise money for the MS society. The reason behind this decision was inspired by my father-in-law; he was recently diagnosed with MS and after only a few years he struggles with his mobility and coming to face with this first-hand really makes it hit home how difficult this can be for families affected by the disease.


This is the plan. Myself, Scott Johnston, Lewis Skinner, Chris Mayer and Nick Crookes will attempt to walk from Sheffield to Hull, then hop on the ferry to Zeebruge, arrive in Belgium and walk down to France, arriving six days later at Lille’s new Grand Stade Lille Metropole. We plan to leave Sheffield on Friday the 5th of April and arrive in Lille on Thursday the 11th, barring any delays or emergencies.


As we are walking to watch a football game we have decided to use football grounds as points of reference. We will visit Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United, Rotherham United, Scunthorpe United, Doncaster Rovers, Hull City, Club Brugge, Cercle Brugge, SV Roeslare, KV Kortrijk, Royal Mouscron-Peruwelz, and Lille LOSC. The journey works out at around 127 miles, averaging around 20 miles a day.

Something like this can happen to anyone, and why not try to do something amazing for a great cause when you still have the ability to do so.”


Myself and Scott this morning outside Sheffield United’s football ground, just before heading back up to Glasgow.




Scott is covering the trip with a Sony CX550 (MC50) without the XLR unit. This camera is perfect for documenting such long trips, it has an internal 64GB of memory giving him 6 hours of full HD recording time. He also has 2 FV100 batteries giving him about 12 hours battery time, this allows Scott to forget a battery charger as space is premium.

Scott is documenting the 127 mile walk for his blog and a video I am producing for the Scottish government about type one diabetes. Scott has had type one diabetes since he was 6 and this is the first trip of this kind   so Scott is keeping a record to allow other younger people with diabetes benefit from his experience. Needless to say I am very proud of Scott and hope he pulls this off with little to no impact on his diabetes.

Please feel free to donate to this very worthy cause here is Scott’s JustGiving page..


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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