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The XA-25 and XA-20 join the XA compact camcorder range, alongside the XA-10 camera, to increase the proposition of affordable, compact and professional specification video cameras. The XA-25/XA-20 is designed to offer the customer an affordable solution for a video camera that is suitable for broadcast standard Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and also for other applications where the cameras small size, high image quality, large optical zoom and commonly used CODEC are desirable. Other individuals who use the camera will benefit from high quality imaging and customizable manual control; this will be of particular interest for those who do not need or cannot afford XF models.

XA-25 – Power to Tell Stories Limited Distribution (SDA)

The XA25 camcorder combines outstanding image quality with dual-format recording and HD-SDI output in a compact form factor, making it ideal for professional broadcast and web-based content capture

  • 26.8mm, f/1.8-2.8 wide-angle lens with 20x zoom, Dynamic OIS, Hi-UD glass and Canon EMD technology
  • 1/2.84” HD CMOS Pro sensor for outstanding dynamic range and low light performance
  • 8.77cm (3.5”), 1.23m dot OLED touchscreen panel provides improved contrast and colour reproduction
  • Shoot simultaneously in AVCHD and MP4 to 2x SD cards1
  • Connect to a wider broadcast environment via HD-SDI
  • 0.61cm (0.24”) 1.56m dot EVF with 45° tilt operation
  • Fast/slow motion MP4 recording
  • Built-in IR lamp for night shoots
  • Professional audio control, 2x XLR inputs
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for file transfer/remote operation; optional GPS [630/650]

1 Simultaneous MP4 recording not available in 1080/50P recording modes


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

4 thoughts on “Canon XA-25 with Wi-Fi and 1080 50p

  1. Heard about these earlier today – they do look very interesting.

    35Mbit/s MP4 onto SD cards.

    WiFi will upload via FTP & there’s also an iOS app to allow direct uploading to YouTube & Facebook.

    XA20 doesn’t have HD-SDI – not sure what other benefits there might be to the XA25.

    UK pricing for XA20/XA25 is around £1400.00/£1750 (excl. VAT).

    We had a pair of HF-S200s a while ago – sold one and pensioned the other off to a relative as a full-auto only holiday camera – skin tones & foliage looked really odd (plastic & day-glo) if the exposure was even slightly over exposed. If the XA20 is better then I might be very tempted to get one as an “always to hand” camera.

  2. I suppose MP4@35Mb/s offers a better picture quality than AVCHD@28Mb/s, but how is it compared to the MPEG2 4.2.2@50Mb/s of the XF105?

  3. I wonder what exactly constitutes “broadcast standard Electronic News Gathering” specs?
    I thought broadcast (at least for the BBC) meant 4:2:2 and 50mbps which the XA25 doesn’t have unless you add an external recorder.

  4. IS THERE any video FOOTAGE from the xa25 we can SEE?? I just see interviews talking about how good they are…where is the footage?

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