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HyColour is a plugin borne out of frustration with the built in colour controls of Final Cut Pro X.

Jonathan Richards “Colour correcting my edits is a part of the process of filmmaking that I look forward to. It’s a chance to put some music on and just ‘look’ at the images that have been shot. A sort of, calm, after the narrative storm of editing. So it’s incredibly frustrating that the colour tools in FCPX are awkward to use and require the user to flip between various tabs to perform, what are, minor colour tweaks to my footage. Just tweaking the exposure, saturation, colour balance and sharpness of the image requires many clicks of the mouse to perform.

I also shoot stills from time to time and have long admired the simple-to-use interface of Lightroom. And it’s this functionality that I was hoping to bring to FCPX.

Creating the plugin itself, took quite some time. I didn’t just want to publish effects from Motion to FCPX wholesale, without any thought as to how they functioned for me. The way the sliders react to inputs so as not to give really course adjustments, but fine adjustments, was really important to me. I genuinely wanted to make a tool that actually did save time and worked in the real world.


Additionally, I hit a brick wall with the green cast removal tool. I just couldn’t get it to remove the greencast completely. After many hours of struggling, I discovered the trick and couldn’t believe how effective it was. It was one of those high five moments that doesn’t often happen!

And it seems to have touched a nerve with users. Take up has been really encouraging and early feedback has been fantastic. I’m really thankful to the people who have taken the time to write and thank me for creating it.

At the moment, the plugin is in version 2.”


This is a still from a video I am producing about diabetes and shows the Green cast removal tool at it’s best. Although I had white balanced using my LED lighting the small magnifier light behind the podiatrist is casting a green cast via the fluorescent tubes, I was not aware of this at the time of filming but as you can see, HyColour is removing the cast giving an all over more pleasing result.


It’s plugins like HyColour that take FCPX to a new level taking it way beyond the competition in my opinion. You can’t get a more simple but effective colour correcting/grading tool on the market, the ability to do a before and after was introduced with HyColour Pro along with other features that I have not yet played with.

If you own FCPX then you must put HyColour Pro on your top 10 bucket list.

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Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

3 thoughts on “HyColour Pro for FCPX “A mini user review” $45

  1. I actually prefer picture on left which is greener then piggy skintones Sony is famous for…
    It more “filmic”. True Ikegami Matrix…

  2. Thanks for the HyColour Pro Info. I’ve never liked the standard FCPX color tools and I’m happy to try an alternative that’s very affordable. I downloaded the plug-in today and I’m looking forward to additional color adjustment options.

  3. Works great, so easy to get healthy skin tones in mixed and fl lighting….also great with my LED lights.

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