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3 thoughts on “JVC GY-HM650 Review

  1. Left channel is partially empty.

    I wonder, why only 35/24mbps (gopro hero3 45mbps h.264).

    And (UHQ H.264 MOV)is 60i/50i/24p, missing 30p/25p modes.
    Is the user manual up to date?

  2. I noticed the loss of left channel to.

    During the funeral ceremony I did see that the JVC did show coma like effects around all bright lights. Especially the windows and reflections of the coffin while the Sony did show very clean windows.

    Have you seen this as well?
    Do you still have access to the JVC so you could do some more testing zoomed in as well as with reflective objects like metal etc?

    HDW : The left channel is only at the chaps interview (Mr Dobbie). I only recorded the gun mic onto the right side and FCPX treats it differently, unlike FCP-7 I could copy the two RT CH sounds and pan one to the left. Still getting to grips with FCPX.

  3. Once again a promising camera with some clever ideas for ENG, I was drooling over this cam unti l read the spec, 4:2:0 sampling and 35 Mbits for the AVCHD codec. Come on JVC 4:2:2 please and more Mbits would be nice as well.

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