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After ordering my Pegasus R6 12TB Thunderbolt Raid solution from the Apple store it arrived three days later.

Firstly what they don’t tell you till you open the box is that this will self configure itself in Raid 5 but will take ten hours to do so, fortunately I am not using it with my Thunderbolt enabled MacBook Air so I switched it on pressed the orange button and it very quietly chuntered away to itself with all 12 blue LEDs flickering till the small hours of the morning.

Once it’s happy with itself it switches off…job done. My dilemma was do I have to attach it to a Thunderbolt port in order for this to take place but you don’t.


My new Thunderbolt iMac is being “processed” as I write and my Blackmagic Ultra Studio Express is on it’s way from Holdan via H Preston Media.


This editing setup using FCPX is a third of the price I payed to CVP over twelve years ago for a Digisuite NLE using Matrox technology running an editing program called Speed Razor and 8  SCUSSI 25GB hard drives in a tower (200 GB of storage) remembering I was editing DV footage at that time.

I have a major project to edit at the end of January so I have no option but to go down this route, one I am looking forward to, my only dilemma is my video monitor, will it be a Hi spec 32″ LED (HDMI only) or one with SDI and HDMI at three times the cost.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

3 thoughts on “Getting ready for Thunderbolt editing onto FCPX

  1. I wish I was making as much money as you!!

    HDW : Budget and hard work, the job I am editing on the new iMac will part fund the cost of the equipment. I say it all the time but you have got to work with realistic costs, times are a lot harder but clients still require a high standard and they are willing to pay for your knowledge.
    I started out working for other companies then went out on my own, this industry is very much feast or famine.
    I am assuming you are a younger person !

  2. Hi Philip,

    I’m a 27 year old freelance corporate/documentary filmmaker from Nottingham. I always read your blog and find it very interesting.
    I agree about budget and hard work. I spent 10k last year on a AF101 and kit and haven’t looked back. Keeping busy can be the hardest thing I find.
    I currently feel a little stuck as I’m earning good money freelancing for local production companies but they aren’t pushing me hard enough. I do feel really blessed to be doing what I’m doing, I’m just super keen to be better and work harder!

  3. Hi Philip, I have used one of these for 20 months now and they work a treat. Also their customer service ( when a drive failed ) was night and day better than Lacie etc. All best, Jim

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