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Ricks book arrived about two weeks ago and I have used it for a reference guide as there is still holes in my FCPX knowledge base. I downloaded Ripple Training iTunes tutorials but find them not only outdated but tedious to find instant information that only a book can offer.

Rick “I deliberately held off writing the Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro X as certain key features were missing from the original release. Now with many more features and the stability of a later release, Final Cut Pro X is ready for professional work at many levels. The software is fast, streamlined, and effective in delivering edited content. I have used Final Cut Pro X for paying work, on many jobs! With the right person at the controls, the editor is capable of producing work to a high level”

Rick has done a brilliant job making FCPX a lot easier to use with lots of easy to follow graphics along with hints and tips.

Rick is Director and Founding Member of the UK Final Cut Pro User Group and an Apple Solutions Expert. A freelance television director and editor with many years of broadcast experience, including work for the BBC, Sky, ITN, CNBC and Reuters. Also a Final Cut Pro Consultant, Rick has attended numerous UK and US exhibitions, is a liaison to the US FCP user groups, and author of the best-selling series The Focal Easy Guides to Final Cut Pro.

There is no better extra Christmas present you can give a Final Cut Pro Ten editor than a copy of Ricks book…

Rick being the generous man that he is has given you all a copy of his PDF update 10.0.6-10.0.7 for FREE…



Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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