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During my trip to BVE, I had a look at the new Canon C100 to discover the handle with XLRs and built in mic was the same connection as used by the C300 that fits into hole no. 2.

Due to a stupid design flaw the C100 handle cable is about 70mm short when mounted onto a C300 as can be seen above.

If Canon could add the extra 70mm or a 3rd party produce a small extension cable…C300 owners could do away with the useless monitor on top of the C300, giving us a far neater XLR solution and have a built in mic for general usage.

Please note if Canon do produce this for the C300 can I get one for giving you the idea in the first place !



Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

5 thoughts on “Canon C300 XLR solution

  1. My solution is this 🙂

    F55: $32k
    F5: $19k
    R5 Raw Recorder: $5.6k
    OLED EVF: $6.3k
    Regular EVF: $3.7k
    7″ LCD Screen: $5.1k
    Olivine Batteries: $562
    Raw Media Card Reader: $742
    6 Lens Kit: $28k
    3 Lens Kit: $15.6k

    Interesting times indeed…

  2. Are you going to get a C100 for review? Any impressions from what you’ve seen so far?

  3. If you see any Canon reps walking around, grab them by their shirt and tell them about this. Every C300 owner would want one. Canon could sell the C100 handle with longer cord!

  4. A small removable audio box with XLR plugs like on Sony’s F55 that can be plugged directly into the C300’s 1 and 2 plug would make the C300 a much better run and gun camera

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