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One of my readers has a problem with an edit and needs an answer ASAP can any of you help, please. He filmed a band with three 3D camcorders, two Sony and one Panasonic, the Panasonic being the main camera due to its more professional features (XLR sound etc).

The files are split into various folders because of the FAT 32 problem, so for every 22 minutes a new folder is produced. When he brings the 1st folder (001) into Sony Vegas 11 it comes in as a 3D file, fine…when he brings in file no 002 into Vegas it only plays back in 2D ?

As you will have guessed by now the Sony footage from cameras 2 and 3 are fine but these cameras were for cut-aways and can’t replace the main camera.

The Panasonic footage plays 3D out of the camcorder onto a 3D monitor it’s only when the chap tries to edit the second folder that it won’t edit in 3D. The chap is up against the wall, the band are looking for their edit…does anyone have any ideas whats going on here.


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2 thoughts on “Panasonic 3D footage misbehaving in Sony Vegas 11

  1. Why is he working with the folders? Panasonic have a utility I think called HD Writer XE. Doesn’t work on a MAC of course so not sure what platform he is on. But this like the Sony utility should bring in the full clip not just files.

    Ron Evans

  2. Of course just realized he is using Vegas so is on a PC so should be able to use the utility.

    Ron Evans

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