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It’s now obvious to most of us that we are getting another large sensor camera from Sony, probably one that gives you all the best features of the F3 plus 50-100Mbps and a decent viewfinder. Don’t see it being 4K but Sony need to make ground up from Canon’s C500…who knows.

CVP seem to not only know but have official information from Sony…




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7 thoughts on “The new Sony large sensor camera the F ?

  1. My first though when I heard about a new Sony camera in the “F” series is that it would be 4K. But now I wonder if it will be full frame, coming off tech from the a99 and the NEX-VG900. I doubt “the new F” would be both 4K and full frame though. 4K is a pretty pro feature now and full frame limits pro lens options.

  2. The specs CVP mentioned (4K, 50 Mb/s 4:2:2 and high frame rate) are already officially confirmed by Sony, so yes, they are correct. Sensor size should be Super35.

  3. Most likely an PMW-F5 or F7 to compete with the C300 or C500? I hope it has a usable viewfinder in the right place!

  4. Yes agree.. why has the VF become some crap add on stuck on the back like a really cheap crappy consumer camera.. for people who this for a living its pretty important..

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