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Firstly if you do get this error message export (share) your work out onto another hard drive so you do not lose the work up till this error message…DO NOT CHOOSE QUIT BEFORE EXPORTING !

How am I to take this program seriously when it throws up crap like this, then trawling the internet get no answer to my problem other than a lot more users are experiencing this error message. Apple have shafted us big time with this program, they brought it to market long before it was ready and from updating fairly regularly… tweeking out the bugs… we are lefty hanging with a very buggy NLE that once again is not fit for purpose.

If any of you have seen this and fixed it I would appreciate a reply other than the following…

It seems to be a reoccuring issue for many users and the error is pretty bland and unhelpful.

Some seem to have targeted it as an issue with project corruption.

Another got it fixed by: “It turned out I had duplicates of all my events in the events folder. When I moved the dupes to a new junk folder, everything worked. I compared them all before deleting the dupes.”

Some get the message randomly and it doesn’t come back in same project.

FCPX needs more work 🙁

HDW: I was sent a link from AARON BERARDI who also came across this problem and his advice worked for me, thanks Aaron. Note : To make this change you will have to unlock the padlock on the right this will ask you for your password. Fortunately this bought me enough time to finnish editing my JVC HM600 review but I am now back to square one !

UPDATE : As reported by Aaron I had a look at the FC Projects file and removed one duplicate Backup file (Final Cut Projects/YourProjectName/Backups) and everyone worked again, I only hope with the new 10.0.6 this bug has been fixed.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

20 thoughts on “FCPX Major Problem plus a temporary solution !

  1. What would cause events to duplicate (if this is the cause)?
    It’s not so bad if you really can save to another location before quitting, but still far from satisfactory.

  2. Avid all the way Philip. Media Composer is rock solid and in this industry that is the most important thing if you care about keeping clients happy

  3. Having followed your earlier posts it seems neither FCPX nor PP6 is good for you.

    I share your frustration, as a longer term PP user for several years NLEs always seem to have these faults, I gave up bug reporting to Adobe. I’d always assumed if I was using it full time on decent hardware with pro cameras the problems would we go away, but it seems from your experience it does not.

    Personally I’d have put that video card into a reasonable Core i7 PC running Win7 64bit and have a PP6 workstation as well as a FCP one. At least then you should always have one functioning NLE…

  4. I really urge you to look at Edius on the PC – stable as granite!

    Avoid Avid – its a dead duck

  5. Lets hope the next update fixes this. Im hoping for a release at the same time as the new iMacs, Mac Mini and Macbooks Retinas on Thuesday next week.

  6. I take it that the review of the JVC GY HM600 camcorder will be delayed?

  7. Oh brother. Another guy who acts like NO other NLE of past or present has EVER had a bug or malfunction… *facepalm* … “they brought it to market long before it was ready”… pfffff… sure. And that has WHAT to do with *todays* version? Mindlessly latching onto mindless blather of yesteryear, are we? … yeah.

    Enjoy Avid! I’m sitting at BOTH at the moment for a project and you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about… but yes, please DO switch.

  8. first I’ve never seen this problem. I share and move projects all day. Second, make sure you have event manager on your mac for many reasons. Third, and finally, I stop in here from time to time and have taken notice that you can’t settle on any one piece of gear or program. You rubberneck stuff every time I read your blog. WHy don’t you give a call to an Apple expert or a training house for your problem? I’ve been working with FCPX since launch and have never seen this pop up.

  9. I use Avid and on the whole it’s great especially for large projects. It’s lacking some simple features though. No export to DVD function for instance. Editing with it is great if you can get use to how the timeline works (insert mode etc) and the keyboard shortcuts. Grassvalley Edius is really powerful and has surprised me with what it can do especially for the price. Shame it’s I/O boxes are so expensive however…

  10. LOL! I’m working along side a Symphony even and it’s just the dumbest, most unintuitive workflow I have seen to date.

    I give Avid 24 months… and that’s being *optimistic*!

  11. Unless you had changed the ownership status on your media drives just prior to having the problem, I would not see this as anything other than a temporary solution.
    After all, it was working before, and then it suddenly doesn’t? That doesn’t inspire much confidence.
    I also note that you had corruption problems with Premiere Pro. Maybe the issue lies in the integrity of your storage media, rather than the software you’re running on it? I would be testing all drives for bad blocks if I were you.
    Also, it would help to narrow it down if details of the exact operating system involved and whether its external media, RAID, USB, etc was mentioned in cases where the problem occurs.

  12. You don’t need to use Grass Valley I/O boxes for file based video though. Only need them or Black Magic Intensity cards if you have need for analogue input. I have the SparkHD for feeding my preview monitor but DV, HDV can come from my motherboard input and file based is copied to PC for backup anyway. Edius is my main editor but also have Vegas and CS6 ( not bought for Premiere but to upgrade my Photoshop, Encore, AE etc ). All will edit native AVCHD on my PC with no problems. Edius will edit 4 track multicam realtime native AVCHD but Vegas and CS6 will not without reducing either quality or frame rate.

    My PC is ordinary i7 2600K, 16G RAM, WIN7 Home Premium, GTX560, 500G boot, 500G temp, 1T working RAID 0, 3x 2T storage LTO3 tape backup .

    Edius has an advantage for sure in stability and speed. Several Edius forum members run with Windows 7 on the MAC hardware.

    Ron Evans

  13. None of the NLE’s are perfect, but I have to say that Premiere Pro CS6 has really jumped forward with a more robust timeline and the ability to e.g. edit all sorts of things while the production keeps playing, a better trim option and more. I also went to a launch event and was quite impressed with the level of attention that Adobe and its top guys (who were present) are paying to the industry and their needs and requests. Adobe really want to become THE NLE for everything from the one-man show to the broadcasters and on up to the movie editors and are really pouring themselves into it. If you run into an issue, point it out for sure, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

  14. Hi Philip,

    First of all, thanks for all the information you share through your blog, its one of the sites I visit daily and whilst I don’t always agree with your opinions, I really appreciate the fact that you express them!

    I’m sorry you are having these problems with FCPX.

    Just wondering if you wouldn’t find solutions on the Creative Cow forums which I find really useful.

    I’ve been (mostly)successfully working with FCPX since it’s launch and whilst it can be extremely frustrating at times it has a set of features that are really useful.

  15. All NLE have bugs but FCPX beats all records. Now I am happy this is the single major NLE not working on a Win-PC. As for stability,compatibility and speed Edius 6 is the best.

  16. LOL… what an utter steaming pile of BS! Then even add insult to injury and recommend EDIUS??! LMAO!

    We are an L.A. studio running 3 seats of X and 1 seat of Avid Symphony and are currently editing an hour pilot for HBO… guess which seat is the LAST anyone wants to have to work on as of new…

    Go catch a whiff of reality and a CLUE while you’re out, won’t you? Pfffff…

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