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It took a hybrid DSLR from Canon the 5D mk11 to show video manufacturers like Sony and Panasonic that there was not only a need but a major Yen earner !
Why when it’s so obvious does it always take the domestic side of a major corporation like sony to announce a full frame 35mm sensor camcorder.

I was surprised to see Sony domestic maintaining the same camera body as the VG10/20/30 when a slightly bigger body would have been in my opinion far more user friendly.

This FF35mm camcorder has really set the heather alight, Sony are going for the large sensor market big time, it’s just a pity the EA50 due out in November is crippled with an APS-C sensor.

Sony Professional need to respond with FF35mm sensor camcorders, especially the lame 35Mbps Super 35mm F3. Bring out a FF35mm F3 with 50Mbps, Hi Res viewfinder and the Yen will come pouring in.

F5 concept but who knows maybe Sony has this very model sitting in the wings waiting for the right moment in time to be announced.

Sony Professional cannot avoid producing FF35mm camcorders or Canon will trump them yet again with a FF version of the C300, as night turns to day this will happen…hopefully soon !


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

One thought on “35mm Full Frame “Finally Arrives”

  1. I’m glad someone has finally put full frame into a video camera. We’ve been talking about this since the 5DMK2 came out.
    I’m more disappointed in Canon’s pathetic approach. In the “DSLR” market now we have the 5DMK3 from Canon and light years ahead of them is the Sony a99. (Of course video quality to be determined)
    The VG900 and the a99 both have (according to the specs) extremely good EVF’s. They both have the option of an XLR accessory.
    They both shoot 50p. The 5DMK3 can not compete against that!
    And compared to the Canon C100 (admittedly with ND filters built in) the VG900 is $2,500 USD more than the Sony VG900 + XLR audio accessory and the C100 hasn’t got a proper viewfinder.

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