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My friend Alister Chapman has found Mountain Lion (ML) has solved a few problems he has been having with Premiere Pro CS6.

Alister Chapman “I’ve been getting quite frustrated with Adobe Premiere CS6 on my mac. It kept crashing and playback wasn’t as smooth as it is with Final Cut. Last week I upgrade my MacBook to Mountain Lion and noticed a small but noticeable improvement to the systems responsiveness. Today, while working on an edit and getting fed up with it crashing (something I’m really not used to on a Mac) out of frustration I decided to upgrade the OS to Mountain Lion.

Wow, I wish I had done this earlier. What a difference. Clips play back smoothly, the system is more responsive and so far it has not yet crashed. So if your using Premiere CS6 and you are having issues I recommend you upgrade to Mountain Lion.”

I decided after reading this to install my second copy of ML onto my NLE which hosts FCPX and Premiere Pro CS6, before install, FCPX was adjusting the gamma making all my shots lighter but after installing Mountain Lion the gamma has returned to normal so not only has the new OSX resolved issues with Premiere Pro CS6 but has also added to FCPX as well !

Sadly its not all good news, do not install Mountain Lion if you need to work with FCP-7. Boris has a plugin called BCC shaders that cause FCP-7 to crash so I do not recumbent installing Mountain Lion if you need FCP-7.


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2 thoughts on “Mountain Lion seems to solve a few NLE problems except FCP-7

  1. No, FCP7 comes with BCC shaders which are Boris plugins, this plugin causes FCP7 to crash so don’t install Mountain Lion if you need to work with FCP-7

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