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How many times can one company upset its core professional community by so called “updating” a rather tired design.

Apple had their WWDC yearly outing yesterday and announced “retina” screen MacBook Pros and MacBook Air with no mention of the MacPro which the pro video/graphics community were hoping for.

Thunderbolt was to be the big inclusion with a hopefully new radical design but true to recent form Apple did a slight update to the innards with no Thunderbolt or USB-3.

The chaps over at MacRumours have given us an insight for a new MacPro design coming 2013…

Mac Rumours…

“Yesterday, David Pogue of The New York Times vaguely stated in reference to Apple’s desktop Mac lines that an unnamed Apple executive had informed him that “new models and new designs are under way, probably for release in 2013.” That information was taken to include both Mac Pro and iMac models, but was not explicitly clear.

Soon after we posted the article, we received a report from a reader who had emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook about his disappointment in the lack of a significant Mac Pro update yesterday, with Cook responding to indicate that users can expect significant upgrades next year.

Our pro customers are really important to us…don’t worry as we’re working on something really great for later next year.

Forbes now follows up with additional corroboration of both Mac Pro and iMac updates coming down the road, with the updates likely appearing next year. The information was provided directly by an Apple spokesperson.

An Apple spokesman just told me that new models and new designs of the Mac Pro, as well as the iMac desktop, are in the works and will likely be released in 2013. That confirms what New York Times columnist David Pogue said yesterday, citing an unnamed Apple executive, about Apple’s commitment to its desktop computers.

There was considerable disappointment from Apple’s professional workstation users yesterday when Apple introduced only a very minor update to the Mac Pro, with Apple even taking the unusual step of removing the “New” designation on the Mac Pro in its online store today.

In light of the disappointing update with processors that are still several years old, we have tweaked our Buyer’s Guide recommendations to suggest that users able to hold off until next year for a more significant update do so instead of purchasing the just-updated but still outdated Mac Pro models.

Update: Apple PR has reached out and clarified that only the Mac Pro is expected to be next updated in 2013. The company had no comment about the iMac, which perhaps means that the iMac could see updates earlier than next year. It has been 406 days since the iMac last received an update, significantly longer than the traditional iMac update interval.”


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

One thought on “Apple has disappointed the pro world once again !

  1. Its not often I agree with you but… your right (sort of) on this one. Leaving aside the shame they should feel for releasing this thing, they are, to a certain extent reliant on Intel to produce the chips they need, and I’m informed the actual chips they need won’t be available till the autumn. So I’m afraid its another year of waiting. At least when the new ‘tower’ arrives we can pair it with a 27″ Retina Display!

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