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Its not every day the Olympic torch comes to Rutherglen but today was our turn and what a great turn out, the streets were heaving with people.

This shot said it all 7-10 deep bulging onto the road everyone wants a shot of the torch as it runs along Rutherglen main street.

I caught this chap filming the event with a Sony PMW-EX3 though I did note the lack of rain cover, not clever as it was raining quite heavily on and off all afternoon. This is a perfect case for a Sony NX70 with its onboard weather proofing.

I caught this film crew filming for “Scenic Scotland” with a RED EPIC on a steadycam outfit, the lens was a RED 18-50mm T3 zoom lens. I approached the camera operator and told him I had a Canon C300 he smiled and said it was nice of Canon to announce the 4K C500 soon after the C300.

As I am not remotely interested in 4K the C300 is just fine for my purposes, I am sure the RED gives some lovely pictures I do hope the cameraman on this shoot gets in touch to tell us more about his experiences with the RED EPIC.

I only noticed this when I got back to base, the media truck, there is space for 2-3 video cameramen/women with tripods and 4 snappers along the bottom.

My sons friend Julie kindly shot me on her iPhone, I have a Storm jacket covering my 70-200 lens and the camera body, the best $38 I ever spent.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

4 thoughts on “The Olympic torch heads through Rutherglen with a RED EPIC

  1. Actually I’m surprised at how little weather proofing is on the Red, the sled gear looks well protected but the main camera body is pretty exposed and I didn’t think they were overly natively sealed?

    I’d really love to try a steadycam rig one day to see what they are like, but they are way beyond “experimenting” budget 🙁 Maybe as cameras keep getting lighter there will be more budget/lightweight options.

  2. The Red Epic is not weather sealed. I would not run mine out in the rain without a rain cover. At the back of the camera is a semi exposed fan for cooling.

  3. I shot the Sydney Torch replay in 2000, and it looks like they are using exactly the same media setup as they used here. If fact many of the Torch Relay crew there worked on the Sydney Torch relay.
    It was a great shoot and great for Australia, I hope the same for you and London!!!

  4. I was an accredited cameraman for this leg, you can see me in the back of the truck with the red jacket on.

    It was a good enough shooting platform, bit bumpy but better than having to film as you run backwards. Saying that, once I got on there was no room for my sticks, had to jump on the BBC guys tripod that was gaffer taped in place. The BBC are covering the whole relay.

    Luckily there was more space for the Glasgow leg which was really what I needed, so got time to get my Sachtler in.

    You will see a shorter edit with James McAvoy here..

    A great day though, and although I was working for Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, my footage was picked up by the Networks over here and weirdly enough in Canada.


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