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Things are hectic as I am frantically editing “You and your Canon C300” DVD which is why the blog has had a bit of a rest but thats the lull before the NAB 2012 storm. So far only Sony have announced their new camera line up and the NEX-FS700 is causing a storm with its 4K sensor and the 10x slow motion in full HD.

Not a dicky bird from Panasonic but this just in from our friends over at Canon Rumours…

Canon Cinema EOS 1D

  • Full Frame
  • Higher Megapixel than 1D X
  • ALL-I, IPB and MJPEG 4K.
  • Log Profiles
  • Super35 Crop Mode
  • Compatible with cinema lenses
  • Priced around $10,000

 Canon EOS C500

  • To compete with RED Epic
  • 4K at 120fps EOS RAW via 3G HD-SDI
  • At 60 fps EOS RAW from the C500 is 12 bit.
  • Priced around $35,000

The boys at Canon Rumours got the C300 spot on so I have no doubt that the C500 is on its way…fantastic. It puts my Lock Circle story in a bit of an anti climax but I just received my EF body cap protector and its the most practical device to arrive on my desk for a long while.

If like me you are changing lenses all day during filming you will not regret buying a “Lock Circle” body cap as the engineering is second to none and is 100x less footery to use than Canon’s original plastic effort.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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