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Firstly I have no connections with RODE as a company and I bought my own mic system due to the quality of previous RODE products I already own.

I have a project that needs two identical lapel microphones, now the cheaper option was to buy another Sennheiser or AKG but to be honest I have not been very impressed with either lapel microphone.

Recently I have been buying into the RODE brand of microphones and after watching the “look around the RODE factory” video recently I was further convinced this was the road to go down.

First thing that strikes you is the sheer size of the RODE lapel mic, it’s by all accounts subminiature measuring 12mm x 4mm. The best news is the fact that it screws off the cable, this is very refreshing as 99% of the lapel marketplace are bonded on to the cable making it impossible to replace.

Secondly and just as important to me is the type of cable used, it’s a 1.5mm thin Kevlar reinforced low noise cable, and I can vouch for the low noise I used this mic for my studio inserts for the Panasonic AC160 review.

The third best part about the RODE system is the variety of end connectors you can get for this lapel microphone, I use phantom powered XLR connectors on the whole hard wired to the camcorder.

On the occasion when I need to use a radio transmitter I have the Sennheiser 3.5 mini jack connector and there is a further 6 connectors for various makers transmitters which is in my opinion very forward thinking indeed.

A truly modular system and extension cables as well, yes you can extend your mic cable with a 3 metre Micon cable for a further £27.

The microphone is an omni-directional polar pattern 60Hz to 18KHz and a sound pressure level of 94dB. I can hold my hand up and tell you that I am delighted with my two microphones, they come in an anti-trauma waterproof case and as you can see wind puffs are also part of the kit.

For £150 per microphone kit the RODE system is the best on the sub-miniature marketplace and you will be hard pressed to find a more versatile microphone system on the marketplace.

RODE are a very impressive forward thinking microphone manufacturer and every microphone I own which is now six, the sound from all six microphones are fantastic and quality at a price guarenteed not to break the bank.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

5 thoughts on “Mini Review of the RODE Lapel Microphone (Well Recomended)

  1. What a great piece of kit.
    I can vouch for the quality of other Rode microphones, which are well engineered and produce superior sound.

  2. Thanks for a very helpful review.Well timed also ! (I’ve been looking at the NTG.1 & 2, but also need a lapel mic to work with an AC160). Paul.

  3. Philip, thanks for a great mini review.
    I have the same microphone and bought the 3 metre “extension cable” as well. I thought it would come in handy with a choice of 1.5, 3, and 4.5 metres. However I discovered that the 3 metre cable is not an extension cable at all as the cables have 2 female ends. Do Rode make an coupling adapter?

  4. The extension cable should have come with the coupler to join one cable to another this should be rectified by the person who sold you the cable. I bought two 3 meter extension cables one had the coupler one had not. The company sent me a new packet with a coupler free of charge.

  5. Philip, thanks for the advice regarding the adapter. I contacted Rode in Australia and they promised to help me get the missing adapter, which they said isn’t stocked as a stand alone item. Don’t lose it!

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