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This year I will be taking my Sony FS100 and NX70 to IBC along with my latest purchase the RODE NT4 an X/Y stereo mic. Not for any stereo reasons I may add, it was during my trip to Haydock last year that I happened upon the Audio Technica stereo mic the AT8022.

I used the AT8022 to interview the Audio Technica rep and was taken by the clarity of both our voices, it came down to the simple fact that we both had a mic pointing at us so neither of us were off mic.

Interviews can be a pain if one of you are slightly off mic so a great solution is the stereo mic. The AT8022 has not been made since the problems in Japan so no one had the mic in stock anywhere in the UK.

Fortunately the Australians were not in the same boat as the Japanese and I sourced the RODE NT4 from Jigsaw in London, at £365 this is no cheap option but it’s a cracking mic and comes in a plastic case with all the accessories.

The best bit for me is the ability to plug in two XLRs into my FS100, effectively the right and the left mic capsule, the NT4 has a 5 pin connector which feeds out to two XLRs, this will allow me to choose which mic to “open” during the interviews when I edit it on the timeline.

I think I have made a better choice even although the RODE is a good £100 dearer, I have been very impressed with RODE so far having my trusty NTG-1 plus softy.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “IBC only 7 days away

  1. how do you think this would work as a camera mounted mic (on my AF101)? Would it pick up a lot of handling noise?

  2. Not a good option for camera mic plus the mic is too thick for your mic holder though you could use the supplied mic holder and it’s a beast at 480gms in weight.

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