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Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

10 thoughts on “Reviewing the Sony NEX-FS100

  1. I think you completely miss the point of a Vari-ND. A fixed ND simply shifts your entire exposure range by a fixed number of stops, so you must still use the iris to control your exposure. This means that your iris will not necessarily be where you want it to be. A vari ND allows you to maintain a constant aperture even when your lighting changes, so you can maintain a constant DoF, possibly holding your iris wide open for minimal DoF through changing lighting.

    Be very careful with resin ND’s especially shooting towards the sun as they have little to no far red and IR reduction so they can lead to high energy IR (heat) getting transmitted to the sensor leading to damage when shooting into the sun. Also you may encounter color shifts similar to IR contamination. At longer focal lengths resin ND’s tend to introduce distortions into the image as they are rarely optically flat. There OK for wide and shots or occasional use, but with the FS100 as ND’s are essential IMHO it’s worth investing in a set of Tiffen IR ND’s which include IR cut and will be optically flat.

    I’m bringing out a NEX to Nikon adapter that will incorporate behind the lens ND’s. This should be out in about a month.

  2. Just to correct one point – The panasonic TM700 and TM900 ranges shoot 1080p50/60 and have been out a while, before the Sony products.

  3. Hey Philip,
    nice review and nice Video!
    Got my FS100 today!
    I was comparing the AF101 and the FS100, i chose the FS100 becouse i´m in love with the picutres (plus, i think i´m a “sony-man”) and as you mentioned: The lack of an ND is something you could “Hack” your way arround.
    I use a short Monitor-Mount-Arm on the top and a Ninja, Redrock FF and a second Redrock lens ring and a smal handle for the zoom.

    “Everyday-work” holds me short on time, so i can not play with it today ;(

    However, i will get my play, and i am shure i will enjoy it.

    All the best, Stefan.

    (if anyone finds incorrect spelling, fell free to keep them 😉 as we say in germany “Wer Rechtschreibfehler findet, darf sie behalten”)

  4. Thanks for your invaluable input Alister, I tried to source a vari ND filter but they are too new so my alternative with 2 days to play with was the Cokin system.

    Put me down for one of your adapters, please.

  5. I love the picture the FS100 produces, right out of the box, I hope to get Doug Jensens DVD and gleam some picture profiles.

  6. Hi, Philip, nice review. Can I ask U if U’ve found out any issue about panning? I mean Me and other FS100 owners are finding wonderful images coming out from this camera BUT major issues as strobo and/or juddering… And the problem is not ’cause the 25 p (I know that of course there will be some juddering in this case for the smallesr frame rate and shutter…) or the shutter at 50 or the 60hrz monitor, but maybe something like (I hope) the firmware … Take a look at panning, I’m making some experiment with my 5d too, and I find the last one more fluid, less strobo. For instance, I’ve shoot a square with crisp and sharp edges, and fs100 is moooore strobo then the 5d in the same conditions (lens, light, shutter, etc.). Someone told me Sony is aware of it and they are studying the problem. I’d like to read your point. Kindest regards

  7. I just had the chance to shoot a play in a theater – normaly a total low on light situation.
    I droped in 18dB, looked at the pictures on a big screen: no noise (well, allmost no), black areas are totaly black. Fine an nice stuff!
    (in this moment i hate my crapy english 😉 i would like to be more able to let you know how amaised i am.. well “i am totaly amased” hehe )


  8. Friends, I have a FS100 and I have a problem with the sound, saturated bass, try setting but can not find the optimum. anyone can tell me how to configure it to be heard clearly? I’m going to use at parties, so the sound will be stronger and I can not regulate all the time.

  9. Are there any news about your Nikon-NEX adapter already? With its integrated ND filters, it might be the most interesting and most useful of all FS100 accessories, but until now I haven’t heard anything about technical details, price or availability.

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