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I had alarm bells ringing when the genius and advocate of Final Cut Pro, Larry Jordan announced that the new FCP-10 was not ready for professionals, Larry was giving us a heads up but was probably asked politely by Apple to retract his statement.

Larry was 100% correct this new version sucks, Apple have assumed a lot and not bothered to ask the end user about losing important features that are essential for a professional editing environment.

When we first got a sneak peek back in NAB 2011 at the Supermeet the rat was already on the plate when it was reported that FCPX (10) looked a lot like iMovie, that was the first nail in it’s two years waisted development coffin.

A lot of people were very disgruntled at the iMovie likeness and the “best” news of all is the total dismissal off Apple developers that tape ingest was to die along with Soundtrack and DVD Studio 4.

How many edit suites across the planet are totally solid state, never to rely on ingesting tape of any format…it’s a joke. I run a solid state edit suite but must have the facility to ingest tape and have a £2500 AJA io HD box for that very reason.

As yet FCPX can not ingest 1080 50p from a Sony NX70 or a Sony FS100, two of the most up to date solid state camcorders and FCPX renders their footage useless.

Apple in my opinion have screwed up big time and I for one want heads to roll over some of the most ludicrous decisions ever to befall a great program like Final Cut Pro.

The so called chief architect of Final Cut Pro Randy Ubilos should be made to correct this less than useless program or lose his job !

All we wanted was 64 bit and some new bells and whistles not this fanciful bloated version of iMovie…well I for one will be sticking with FCP-7 and my old friends that come with Studio 3 and I am now so glad that I bought Premiere Pro 5.5, I can see many of us migrating to Premiere Pro…at least Adobe know how to treat professional editors.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

11 thoughts on “FCPX-“Everything just changed in post” but NOT for the better !

  1. I’m a film student and my school focuses on Final Cut Pro.

    I’m not an Apple person, so I started to learn Premiere Pro PC on my own time.

    I was planning on buying a Macbook Pro$$$ shortly(for schoolwork), but now seeing how Final Cut X has played out, I’m wondering if it’s worth it to invest in a MacBook Pro (for a program that is inferior to Premiere Pro). Plus, Premiere has great integration with its other suites.

    Still, not having to rely on school equipment has its benefits.

  2. The rumor was true: the new FCP is jaw-dropping… but not for the reason we expected!

    What’s going wrong with Apple these days? Lion needs SL and an Internet conection to install or reinstall, FCPX can’t run on a 3 years old MacPro, no more FCP server…

    Indeed, migrating to Premiere seems to be a solution, but s the version5.5 very reliable?

  3. “As yet FCPX can not ingest 1080 50p from a Sony NX70 or a Sony FS100, two of the most up to date solid state camcorders and FCPX renders their footage useless.”

    I’ve read it and I can’t believe it, just to clarify FCPX cannot handle 1080 50P footage from the NX70? You may well have saved me £180.

  4. Looks like a whole bunch of people will be going back to Avid. With FCP owners able to get Media Composer for £999 seems to be the best bet. Apple have really lost it this time.

  5. FCPX is without question a diservice to the professional editing community. Apple has taken Final Cut Pro, a flagship product that was rapidly making inroads into Indie and Hollywood post-production suites, draged it into a dark alley and shot it in it’s head. FCPX is not, and I repeat, not a professional NLE. The arguement often goes, “People don’t want to relearn something new”. Well, why should they?!! FCP was a great product many professional editors relied upon against the time pressures and challenges of professional editing. They don’t have the time or luxury of radically relearning something that they have depended upon for so long. The arrogance Apple has diplayed through the FCPX release by assuming that everyone should be dancing at their tune is enough for me to make a very easy decision – Avid MC 5.5, which is by any standard a far more professional product than FCPX will be for some time to come – if ever!
    Apple, you screwed up. In so doing you have betrayed the entire community of professional editors that have depended upon a once great product.
    By, By Apple!!!!

  6. Go try Edius 6 from Grass Valley

    it can edit in real time 1080p50/60 NATIVE AVCHD – no ingest or such rubbish

    it’s much easier to use than AVID and its the industries best kept secret NLE – knocks spots off Adobe PP for real time performance

  7. Speaking as a still photographer with a mass of 10-30 second h.264 video clips nested within my stills archive I’m loving FCPX. (:-)

  8. Wow, talk about a knee-jerk reaction. Do you realise how petty this all sounds. No-one forced you to buy it on the first day.
    Yes, Apple arguably made mistakes in setting the wrong expectations – it should have called this release Final Cut Express X and everyone would have loved it, but you do a huge dis-service to the genuine innovation and effort of lots of FCP developers by trashing it before it’s even got off the ground.
    Will they add all these other things?
    Sure. Eventually.
    Should they have discontinued FCP7?
    Of course not.
    So read the tech specs, figure out if it works for your setup and if not, just let it pass you by for now.


  9. Yes, everyone of the comments posted has its distinct points besides the few who would be negative regardless of which new product is being introduced on the market. I hope that Apple is listening and not trying to fade professional video editing into a discontinuation business plan. As said before, the concept is right, the price is right for a wider audience, however, it does not meet expectations of the professional. Fine tuning of all the features with precision editing tools is missing all over the place. If that will be compensated for in future incremental releases, we’ll get the tools back we’ve lost. It is up to Apple now how serious they take their more advanced/professional clients.
    Out here – a bit disappointed, but hopeful that someone turns the cart around. I think Steve Jobs will have to step in.

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