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I am just about to embark on a major new documentary about type one diabetes and will be re-evaluating my present Panasonic AF101 and kit lenses, so there may be some fantastic deals on the way especially the sale of my most coveted Nokton 25mm f0.95 mFT lens.

This will be the only Nokton lens for sale in the world till at least August so if you want a chance to own one I will be selling it for £700…(Update : Now sold), the highest bid will get to own a fantastic lens for shallow depth of field work using the micro four thirds mount.


Why am I switching cameras…I need two cameras and I am already buying the Sony NX70 which records 1080 50p which will give me the best possible quality in progressive mode and I also need a SDoF camera for interviews so it would seem stupid not to plum for the new Sony FS100 as the colour matrix of both Sony’s will match a lot better than mixing Panasonic and Sony.

The Sony FS100 also shoots 1080 50p matching the full HD progressive frame of the NX70.

Now here is the deal I cant part with any lenses or kit till my new cameras arrive…lenses I here you cry, yes I have also decided to part with my Canon 5D2 and all my Canon lenses I will give you an idea of type and price during the week.

So thats the plan for this year…moving up to 1080 50p with two matching cameras, I am just about to take possession of a Zacuto EVF Pro and will also be selling my Cineroid EVF now that cost me £570 new less than two months ago so if you want the chance to buy a mint Cineroid I will be selling mine for £350 when my Zacuto arrives.

You can drop me an email at if you are interested in any of the kit.   PS. My Nokton lens is going to a good home.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

6 thoughts on “Now filming 1080 50p as from June 2011

  1. oh no – the AF101 DSLR killer (hmmm) has been killed by the Panny-killer FS100

    Ebay will be awash with AF101’s soon I reckon as everyone ditches their AF100’s in favour of the FS100

  2. Not the case Matt, I need to run with the latest camera like the FS100 to assist people who buy the camcorder from H Preston Media. I really like the Panasonic AF101 but I need to move onwards and upwards.
    Since I am purchasing the NX70 which records 1080 50p it seems logical to film with a camcorder that shares not only 1080 50p but the same colour matrix.
    The AF101 does shoot 1080 50p but with no sound and I want all my footage to look the same, mixing Panasonic and Sony would never match.

  3. This is just an observation – It doesn’t bode well that the man who was so raving about the Panasonic AF101 and set up decides to sell his 101 within about 6 months and buy a new Sony camera.

    Just a thought!

  4. The Sony FS100 appears just the ticket for solo operator interviews — looks like you can sit either-side the camera and still reference the on-board LCD when conducting an interview. Very useful for getting the subject looking left to right-side I’d imagine!

  5. The AF101 is a great camera but it does not film 1080 50p with sound…I am already buying the NX70 with 1080 50p so it makes sense to partner it up with the FS100 also 1080 50p and will match better in post.

    There is no hidden agenda I have been filming 720p for the last 3 years and my holy grail is 1080 50p but the Panasonic does not do this with sound nor will it match my NX70 pictures or edit well into a 1080 50p timeline.

    I also have the ability to move from one camera to another, the next time it may be a Canon who knows.

  6. Hi, are you using the NX-70 as your main work horse camera? And the FS100 for creative cut away shots? What do the clients say when you arrive with the little NX-70. Thanks

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