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Day two was even busier and I got a surprising phone call from Mike Tapa to come to his stand to see an interesting setup. On arriving at his stand I was greeted with an AF101 with a Canon HJ 11x broadcast lens.

Wow…an f1.9 zoom lens, through and through with an 18x magnification so how is this possible, Mike “This is one of my specials, this combination only works with HD lenses that have a 2x converter.” “It’s a B4 2/3″ to mFT adapter the 2x converter must be engaged for the lens to cover the sensor.” Very clever indeed, this almost begs Canon or Fuji to bring out a smaller zoom lens with the AF101 in mind.

Another interesting product at the show was to be found at CVPs stand the NINJA. This is similar to the NanoFlash but has a nice big screen that you can watch your footage back with. That was always my bug bear with the FS-4 by Focus Enhancements you had no way of monitoring your footage.

The Ninja records onto Apple ProRez and uses Sony type batteries it also records onto standard laptop hard drives (7200 rpm).

This was an interesting lash up by CVP, the blending of a Panasonic AF101 with a £2500 Hi Rez Sony Viewfinder using the HDMI output. There is a ton of interesting alternative add on’s for the AF101 and the marriage of Panasonic and Sony is a belter.

Here is a picture and a half  John Preston (2nd right) myself and two of Johns customers who are avid fans of HD Warrior.

Lastly from Day Two of BVE was the interest paid to the Sony F3 seen here on the Sony stand itself. This is a cracking camera and now ships as an optional extra with three Sony prime lenses all T2 or f.2 for the non film makers.

Today was an even busier show and has been a joy to attend I have been compiling some video footage mostly with the AF101 around the show and I hope to upload the edit after this weekend…more tomorrow, Day Three, the last day and find out who won the Barry Green book.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

7 thoughts on “BVE Show, London, Day Two

  1. What about the forthcoming Sony “NXCAM S35”? If there really is an updated version at the BVE, please take some photos and try to get more detailed information on it. Thank you!

  2. NXCAM S35 is due out June 2011 apart from that info good old Sony are keeping their cards close to their chests but it better be good if it hopes to compete with the AF101.

  3. Philip–Very curious about the Sony VF converted to HDMI by CVP…any idea how they pulled that off, and is that a mod service they are offering customers or just a one-off demo?

    Nice coverage-Thanks

  4. Interestingly I spoke to the top man himself about this “mod” Mr Phil Baxter CEO of CVP and he told me it was an option if someone is prepared to spend the money on such an expensive VF (£2500 +)

  5. I was wondering because I have a nice Sony HDVF-20A from my HDCam that I have retired due to blown pixels. I’d love to use it for my new camera. Still wonder how they converted it HDMI…

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