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While filming two projects recently I realise the importance of choosing the correct lens, if you are looking to achieve an extreme shallow depth of field (SDoF) then look no further than the Nokton by Voigtlander, this has become my defacto lens for interviews and general SDoF shots.

f0.95 is the key to this lens as I discovered that even an f2.8 lens is not as good at giving you a SDoF in a smaller room. This gives us a dilemma as very few lenses go below f2.8 and if they do they pile on the price.

Only today I was quizzed again about the perfect zoom for the AF101 but sadly as yet this illusive creature does not exist so if Panasonic are reading this we are looking for the following…

A micro Four Third (mFT) zoom lens that has an f1.4 or less from wide to tight.

Range from 12-45mm and have IOS built in.

That would be a cracking lens for the AF101 so I throw it out to the boys in Japan…GO MAKE ONE…PLEASE.

Got this lens last week it’s a 45mm Leica Prime Lens made for Panasonic now this lens is a fantastically sharp lens as you can see from my pictures below.

I love macro photography and this lens does it for me as you get an angle of view equivalent to a 90mm lens due to the 2x crop. The f2.8 is a lot better than the majority of Panasonic mFT lenses but as I said above f1.4 or less would be preferable.

I am editing one of my corporate jobs this week but I hope to have my AF101 video review up for the weekend.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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