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It is rumoured that it’s not only Steve Jobbs that’s sick but Apple as a company are looking at abandoning Xsan and Final Cut Server, this will be a substantial blow to Final Cut Users as most pro houses including the BBC use Xserve in a daily basis.

THE STORY as reported by MAC RUMOURS

“Apple’s early November announcement that it will discontinue its Xserve line of rackmountable servers at the end of this month has caused turmoil among the product’s fans, while Steve Jobs has suggested that poor sales were the reason for the decision. But in a follow-up report today, Hardmac claims that the Xserve discontinuation may only be the beginning of a move by Apple to pare down its storage- and server-focused offerings.

According to our sources, the discontinuation of the Xserve by Apple would be only the beginning of an overhaul, which would lead to the disappearance of some professional-orented activities.
Xsan and Final Cut server could be among the programs being discontinued, as Apple’s management would be wondering whether to continue to develop and support them in the future.

Looking even further down the line, the report claims that Apple could opt to do away with its Mac OS X Server releases entirely, although the company is still expected to release a server version of Mac OS X Lion later this year.”

Once again we are hearing nothing but negativity all based round Final Cut Pro…will we ever see a 64bit version ? I think the tide has turned for FCP and too many people are now abandoning Final Cut in favour of Premiere Pro.

I must admit that so far I have stuck with FCP-7 but things are now in place within my own edit suite to allow a smooth transition across to Premiere Pro if needs must !


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

5 thoughts on “Looks like Apple are abandoning the FCP ship

  1. When the iPhone started to do so well I was scared. If Apple makes most of their money in mobile devices, it is only going to be a matter of time until the mac range and software disappear off the scene.

    The Xserve is the start of this, next to go will be the MacPro and FCP. FCP is long overdue an update and I don’t know how much longer I will stick with it before switching to Premiere Pro.

    I hope I am wrong as there is no way I could be a video editor if I had to use windows.

  2. We made the switch to Adobe Premiere Pro about 5 years ago and have never regretted the decision. It just gets better and better. The latest version CS5 is rock solid and we are able to edit feature length HD content with ease.

  3. Since upgrading to PProCS5 with a CUDA graphics card its just a different world. What took hours is now instananeous. Artisticly it allows me to do what I want to do – not what my computer can handle. I can run 6 or 7 hd items with 3D effects etc stacked on the timeline. it just works – make the move you won’t regret it.

  4. Rumors are rumors. Apple is one company to definitely have a great plan, look at it’s advances in technology and finances, better than microsoft, google, or adobe. Final Cut Studio integrates supremely well for anyone using a mac, not only with itself, but with all Apple branded apps, Aperture, iphoto, idvd, etc. The illusion is Apple can’t do any better than it has been, the reality proves otherwise – look at the facts, not the hype. One rumors says Jobs emailed someone saying FCP will get a fantastic update soon – but we will see, that’s all we can do, while remembering Apple doesn’t CLAIM to be a remarkable company, it IS.

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