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With beam control of 10° to 70°, the revolutionary new Sola 6 provides the controllability and single-shadow properties inherent in a Fresnel light, but utilizes just a fraction the power of conventional fixtures.

Employing Litepanels’ ultra-efficient LEDs, Litepanels Sola6 draws 75W with output equivalent to a 650W Tungsten Fresnel. That’s about 1/10 the amount of power to provide the same illumination as a conventional tungsten Fresnel, with very little heat generation. The cool-to-the-touch feature of LED lights not only cuts down on air-conditioning requirements, but since they don’t require the heat dissipation and protection necessary for conventional Fresnels, the Sola6 weighs only 1/3 as much as HMI and Tungsten predecessors (and have no external ballasts). The Sola6 has a universal AC input and can be used on consumer power sources worldwide.

Like all Litepanels, Sola Fresnels feature instant dimming from 100% to 0 with no noticeable color shift. The Sola6 provides on-fixture manual control of focus and dimming via touch screen, and are also controllable via DMX. Output is fully flicker free, and remains consistent even as the battery voltage goes down.


Heat-free LED technology

Produces bright, HD friendly light

Integral dimmer: 100% to 0 with no noticeable color shift

Flicker-free light output

Eco-Friendly—Uses up to 95% less energy

50,000+ hours of LED life




Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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