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Those Hong Kong manufacturers have impeccable timing. Just as Panasonic are about deliver the AF101 out comes the best adapter for Canon lenses on the Panasonic GH2 DSLR yet seen. For the first time this one allows you to control the aperture and it costs £94 including postage to the UK.

The iris in Canon EF and EFS mount lenses is electronically controlled, like on many modern lenses. There hasn’t yet been an adapter which promises a full electronic interface between camera and body although an engineering company in the US is working on one, more info plus pictures next week.

So no auto-focus or OIS yet – but at least now we have aperture control.

Canon lenses are wide open when not connected to a Canon body, so this adapter has it’s own iris – a very nice 14 blade aperture, most lenses have half that number of blades. You will get gorgeous round bokeh with it along with the advantage of a sharper image when stopped down even just a little. Most fast F1.4 EF lenses sharpen up around F2, for example.

This will go well with the 85mm F1.8, the 50mm F1.2 and even help get an extremely deep depth of field on super wides, although it will not work with lenses that have unusual mechanics like the 10-22mm with it’s internal zoom and focus system.

IMPORTANT NOTE : This adapter is not compatible for Canon EF S lens, such as:  EF S 10-22mm; EF S 15-85mm; EF S 17-55mm; EF S 17-85mm; EF S 18-55mm; EF S 18-135mm; EF S 18-200mm and the EF S 55-250mm; EF S 60mm.


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