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Not long to go now and I will be down in London at the press launch of the new Sony F3 Super 35mm camcorder. Sony have released more updated photographs of this camera with their CineAlta badge on the LCD, I hope we are going to play with production models.

Just to let you see a picture of the SRW-1 field recorder that Sony produce for the F35 range of camcorders at the moment, Sony have already told us that they are working on an “S1” field recorder that will be considerably smaller in size to the SRW-1. Sony may give me more information on Wednesday about the “S1” and I hope to quiz them about various anxieties DPs have over the F3 including..

“At this price point using Super 35mm why did Sony not produce a camera with 50Mbs, 4:2:2, this has disappointed a few DPs I have spoken to.”

“Any possibility to hook up a hi-res Sony broadcast viewfinder to the F3. The camera looks fine, but without a proper viewfinder, it will just be of no use to me as a documentary cameraman.”

“Whats the glass in the packaged set? Minolta or Zeiss? im assuming its a cine housed body? ”

“Does the camera require the dual link HD-SDI to be operational to use the slog function? And then if so does the slog function only operate in 444? Im assuming yes to both.”

“What is the mount with out the PL adaptor and will there be other adaptors if, so for what lenses?”

These are just a selection of questions DPs around the globe are wanting answers to. I am traveling as light as I can but I am also producing a WEBDOC for you chaps with some footage fresh from an F3 so bear with me if my blog is a wee bit stagnant for a couple of days as I have no way of updating it without a laptop. PS. Thanks to WORDPRESS for iPad not working after TWO updates I am still unable to update during my time away.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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