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Today at IBC Sony showed a brand new shoulder mount camcorder with the same Exmor R chipset as the MC50…the HXR-MC2000. Sadly it does not have most of the annoying menu driven controls on the outside as buttons and switches but it does pack the same picture as the MC50 and thats no bad thing.

The best news is the price…Sony seem to be having an early spring cleaning and have priced this camcorder at £1450.

It’s hard to explain but this camcorder also has a retro look to it almost harking back to the early 1980s with the first betamax 2000 camcorders.

Next bit of news is the EX version of the Sony 700 camcorder the new PMW-500. This is by all accounts the marriage of the 700 and the 350 giving us 50Mbs onto a SxS card system and 4:2:2, this camcorder will be priced at around the £20,000 mark and is clearly positioned at the broadcast market.

With this camcorder comes a 64Gig 50Mbs SxS card that can transfer data faster than a normal 32Gig card but wont playback on the EX30 SxS player/recorder because it only reads 35Mbs or slower.

The last bit of exiting news is the Glass Slipper prototype FilmLike camcorder from Sony known as the a semi working model encased in a perspex cage. Aimed clearly at RED this camcorder is “NOISLESS”. I gave this camera some unfair press yesterday which is why I have re-written this piece again. Yesterday I did not notice the footage shot with this camcorder though to be fair you are not aware until it is pointed out to you. Alister Chapman told me about the footage and he was very exited about the lack of noise, I must say after further investigation he is 100% correct…fantastic pictures. This camcorder is due out early next year but you will not see it positioned price wise next to the Panasonic at £4000 but then again it’s far closer to RED in it’s specifications, so I am told.

I have some great video interviews with Barry Green DVX USER, Jan Crittenden Livingston of Panasonic USA, Adam Levitt from Holden, Alister Chapman from XDCAM USER and David Young from Sony Broadcast that I will be editing soon after the IBC show.

Tomorrow is my last day at the show and I will be looking at Panasonic and some LED lighting companies.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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