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Easing the upgrade path for the frequency switchover in 2012, Sony today announced that all of its digital wireless microphone systems (DWX) will now be sold with modification packages in order to safeguard audio investments in the run up to channel 38 switch-over. In addition to this an optional upgrade path will be made available on Sony’s WL series analogue wireless microphones.

This announcement coincides with the launch of two new products in the DWX range of digital wireless audio solutions. The DWR-R01D dual-channel rackmount receiver and DWM-01 integrated handheld microphones enhance the DWX range and are designed for studio and venue installations. The modifications to channel 38 will be available to be performed from early 2011 via Sony’s PrimeSupport team.

Mark Bainbridge, General Manager, Sony Media and Broadcast explained how Sony’s digital upgrade path will make a difference to the audio industry: “With the switchover looming the audio market is currently going through a period of considerable uncertainty with many customers unsure of the best time to switch to digital and reluctant to invest in technology which may soon become redundant. Sony’s modification package seeks to address buyer uncertainty in the channel and ensure that customers can continue to invest in the latest digital technology safe in the knowledge that their kit will deliver high quality digital audio over the next two years and beyond.”

Over the next 18 months, broadcasters, venues and events companies will need to upgrade their analogue audio infrastructure in preparation for the shift to channel 38. Rob France, Sony Audio Product Manager explained what advantages we can expect: “There are distinct advantages to digital wireless audio, a superior sound quality can be delivered and the channel capacity in an 8MHz band is increased by up to 60%. Transmitters can be remotely controlled from receivers, enabling remote changes to transmission frequency and more flexible power management. In addition to this encryption technology will increase security on audio transmissions.”

Sony’s new DMX digital wireless microphone products are now available for purchase. Equipped with Sony’s WiDIF-HP codec, the DMX range unites the subtlety of analogue with the advantages of an all-digital architecture.


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